How To Use Zoom Book For Team Building

October 27, 2022

This week, we are going to talk about how you can use Zoom as a tool for team building. While some may consider it a bit excessive or expensive, there are many ways to do this that are cost-effective and do not require too much money to be spent.

Zoom is an online meeting platform where individuals or groups of people can meet and communicate via video chat. It is most commonly used for business meetings, but you can also use it for general group discussions or even games.

Teambuilding through meetings using Zoom is a great way to connect with different personalities and learn more about your colleagues and their roles in the organization.

There are several types of teams and settings that Zoom can cater to, so it is best to know what type of meeting you want to have before setting up the event.

This article will discuss the benefits of doing teamwork events via zoom, and tips on how to facilitate a successful meeting.

Tell them you’ve been invited to join a Zoom meeting

how to use zoom book for team building

As mentioned earlier, you can use zoom book as a way to connect with people outside your normal circle of friends. As an additional perk, you get all the features of regular meetings including chat, voice calls, and even video!

This is great if you are looking to meet more people or want to have some casual talks with individuals or groups. It is also helpful if you would like to see what types of conversations occur during a non-group meeting since you can watch those.

You can invite up to five people to attend your meeting via their profile page so it is not limited to just you and one other person. Make sure to check out their settings before creating the meeting though, as there must be at least two participants present for it to go through.

Let them know the meeting is about Zoom Book

how to use zoom book for team building

Many people have their version of what kind of meetings they like, and which ones are boring. For some, it’s a good night out with friends, while other people love learning new things or finding creative ways to spend time together.

Whatever your style is, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a meeting unless you make it that way! That’s why it’s so important to let everyone know what kind of meeting this is beforehand.

Make sure each person knows what kind of event this is by talking through the details of the invite. This gives people time to decide if they want to come or not and also helps to avoid anyone feeling left out or confused.

Zoom Book can be a helpful tool in helping organize these types of events. It doesn’t cost anything extra and can help keep track of everything efficiently.

So how do you use Zoom Book?

Step 1: Find someone you would like to meet

Start by picking one person you would like to meet. This could be a friend, colleague, or family member who has done something special recently.

Once you’ve found this person, check whether they’re available today using an app like Hangouts or Google Meet. If they aren’t available now but could be later, choose the most convenient time for you both.

Tell them to click the link in the email to join the meeting

how to use zoom book for team building

This week, use your very own zoom account to invite some friends or colleagues onto a group chat! Add them as an observer so that you can see everything they do, and give them access to all of your meetings.

In this way, they will be able to attend to you while you are not, and watch you work without being present themselves. It is also great for people who want to learn more about the job field you represent!

This tool allows for easy navigation and editing, and you can easily save and share documents and videos with it.

Make sure your phone and computer are charged and ready to go

how to use zoom book for team building

It’s important to make sure you have enough batteries for both your device and your laptop or desktop before meeting up with others, especially since most of these meetings will be via smartphone app or video chat!

That means making sure you’re not running out of power while others are talking, which could potentially break up group cohesion. Plus, people may want to see each other’s faces so having enough battery life is essential too.

We recommend keeping an extra USB charger in a common area as well as in your room if you plan to use laptops or iPads during the event.

Prepare your copy of the Zoom Book

how to use zoom book for team building

Even if you do not plan to read all 52 pages, it is still important to have an individual copy of the book for each person involved in the team-building activity.

This way they can come back to their copy after finishing the exercise and also have access to any resources or notes they may need while working through the rest of the book.

There is no requirement that participants must complete the whole book, only those who want to gain more from the event should bring their copy so they can continue exploring the concepts once they leave the venue.

Join the meeting

how to use zoom book for team building

As mentioned earlier, you can use zoom book as a way to have an in-person team meeting or group chat. To do this, you need to create a meeting first!

To start a Zoom Meeting, go to Tools > Meetings. From there, you will be able to Create a new meeting or join an existing one.

Once it’s created, you can invite people to attend via email or phone number (if someone has that feature). Then, everyone who is invited will get a copy of the app so they can participate from anywhere with internet access!

And because it’s browser-based, anyone can contribute even if they don’t have a free account already.

Watch and listen closely

how to use zoom book for team building

This is one of the most important things you can do as an organizer or leader of group activities. If someone else is sharing their experience, ideas, or thoughts, take notes!

When watching a talk or listening to an audio file, be conscious about what parts of the content you focus on. Do not only pay attention to the words that are spoken but also how the speaker interacts with the audience and other speakers.

Interactions such as asking questions, responding to comments, smiling, etc. all add value to the event. Not only does it make the presenter more pleasant to watch, but it also helps promote connectedness among attendees of your event.

Take notes

how to use zoom book for team building

Taking good team building exercises very seriously, they usually include note-taking or journaling of what you just read or heard. This helps you organize your thoughts as well as gives you a chance to reflect on what you just learned.

Most people are familiar with taking notes during normal classroom settings, but this is not limited to that! There’s no reason why you can’t take these concepts outside the classroom setting and apply them to different types of groups.

For example, if someone discussed something related to teamwork in a meeting, take some time later to brainstorm ways you could use teamwork in your own life. Make sure to also add how you could implement those strategies in your workplace.

If you were reading through some material about teams, make a list of all the things mentioned including definitions, reasons, and examples. If there was a question and answer section, make notes of that as well.

This will help you recall everything more easily later when you want to refer back to it. And if you had a conversation with someone about such topics, make notes of it so you don’t forget anything.

Using zoom book for team building isn’t only for students and teachers, anyone can do it! It is an easy way to create a space where individuals and/or groups can connect, learn, and grow.

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