How You Can Eat Passion Fruit

November 25, 2022

If you are looking to tone your body, improve your overall health, or just like the taste of passion fruit, then this article will show you how to eat it for every day use and beyond!

Passion fruits can be enjoyed either plain or with sugar mixed in, making it versatile. It is also rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants that help keep your heart healthy.

This article will talk about where to obtain fresh passion fruit and what recipes contain it so that you know exactly what part of the fruit you are eating.

Look for it in the supermarket

how you can eat passion fruit

There are several varieties of passion fruits available at most supermarkets. They can be fresh or dried, frozen or hot-packed. Make sure to check whether they contain sugar as an ingredient; some brands add that instead of using agave nectar like we will here.

Passion fruit should look bright and lusciously colored, not brownish or blackish. When buying either raw or cooked foods, make sure their ingredients are clearly labeled so you know what each one is!

The best way to eat a passion fruit is by rubbing its skin just slightly with your teeth, then sucking out the juicy liquid content.

Peel it

how you can eat passion fruit

Now that you have your passion fruit ready, it’s time to peel it! This will remove most of the skin and also thin out the juice slightly. If you like thinner passion fruits or want to mix them into something else, this is not a big deal. But if you love the thicker flavor of fresh passion fruit, then make sure to take some extra steps.

Buy or make passion fruit juice

how you can eat passion fruit

Now, you do not need to use all of these tips in one sitting to enjoy eating passion fruits. In fact, some recipes call for only half a passion fruit!

You can either buy a bottle of passion fruit puree or make your own by mixing dried passion fruit with water and cooking it until it is completely dissolved.

Making your own allows you to control how much sugar is included in the drink, which may vary from person to person depending on diet. We recommend adding a few drops of liquid glucose (or plain white sugar) if the mixture seems too sweet for your taste.

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Use it in salads

how you can eat passion fruit

While eating passion fruit is not common, people do eat them and enjoy them. They are usually either mixed into fresh fruits or used as a topping for desserts or snacks.

One of my favorite ways to serve this fruit is as an ingredient in green tea drinks. It can be added directly into the cup or you can use a spoon to scoop out some of the pulp and mix it into the drink.

Try it in smoothie bowls

how you can eat passion fruit

One of our favorite ways to eat passion fruit is by adding it to your morning drink or eating it as an after-dinner snack! It can be added directly to your current beverage, or you can make a separate passion fruit shake.

If making a separate shake, mix one cup of ice with two cups of plain water and add one tablespoon of agave nectar and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. To taste, add one cup of fresh or dried passion fruits.

You may also like to try serving it in a whole leaf bowl so that you have to pick out all of the seeds yourself! The leftover pulp can then be mixed into another dish or even eaten alone.

Try it in pie

how you can eat passion fruit

This year, you can enjoy passion fruit just about anywhere! If you love it in desserts or drinks, then no matter where you are, there’s an easy way to get your taste of this delicious tropical citrus flavor.
Whether you like them sweet or tart, dried or fresh, plain or puréed – you have many options!

You can even make your own juice if you desire (just be sure to include enough water for the rest of the recipe). And while most people agree that they're beautiful colors, some believe that they go well with other shades.

Try it in truffles

how you can eat passion fruit

Another way to enjoy passion fruit is to use it as an ingredient for truffle-style recipes. Add it to your favorite chocolate or milk chocolate chips, or add it directly into melted chocolate.

You can also mix it with coconut oil and heat it until it forms a solid block. Then roll this in some cocoa powder and store it in a sealed container. It will keep fresh for up to one year!

And if you love it straight from the skin, just wash off the pulp and eat it like a natural spread. Either scoop out the seeds, or let them melt down and taste sweet – either way, they are delicious!

Drinking the juice of the fruits can be enjoyable too, but only if you are careful about how much sugar you ingest at once. One famous person who does this is Oprah! She has her own recipe that she shares with us here.

Try it in tart

how you can eat passion fruit

Most people know what passion fruit looks like, but you may not know how to eat them. They are most commonly eaten as an ingredient in recipes or alone as a plain dessert.

There are two parts of the passion fruit that make eating it tricky. One is the skin, which can be tough and sour. The other is the white pulp inside, which contains natural sugars and minerals.

When buying passion fruits, try to buy ones that do not feel too soft or that have a darker coloration. This indicates they were stored properly and under light pressure.

If you are ever struggling to get all of the juice out, use a spoon – some juices contain solid pieces of flesh that need to come out too!

Once you have removed the passion fruit’s skin and squeezed the rest of the liquid out, you can either consume it right then and there or store it for later use. It will keep in the fridge for one week.

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