The Importance of Art and Culture in Our Life: A Guide

March 11, 2021


The digital world has significantly decreased the importance of art and culture in people’s lives. However, despite all the tech trends, both culture and art still have a great impact on the country’s economy, education, and society overall.

Besides enriching and nourishing your inner world, art and culture illuminate your inner life and boost your creativity and imagination.

With better tolerance, enhanced health and learning, and opportunities to unite with each other, art and culture improve the quality of life and boost well-being for communities and individuals alike. Read on to explore the importance of art and culture in our life.


1. Sharing Experiences with Others

Art and culture bring communities together. They’re an excellent source of wonder, delight, and wisdom, and offer intellectual and emotional experiences, which promote either contemplation or celebration.

Both culture and art are two wonderful ways of preserving or strengthening a strong community’s sense of place, forging a personal identity, and showing your creativity.

Art and culture boast multiple opportunities for learning, entertainment, leisure, personal growth, and improving communication with others. From theaters and museums to public libraries and art studios, art and culture unite people regardless of their age, nationality, or religion.

Even things as small as sharing artisanal espresso can be invigorating to the creative spirit.

2. Feeding Creativity

Creativity changes frequently, and if your job requires a high level of creativity, you shouldn’t ignore art and culture. Even if it doesn’t, you still need some level of creativity in your life.

Too often, people overlook the enormous importance of nurturing creativity. We spend our time checking our social media feeds or binge-watching new episodes of our favorite TV shows.

We’re stressed out, chronically fatigued, anxious, and lethargic. If art and culture are not a part of your life, you risk experiencing an emotional burnout, which might result in depression and low productivity levels.

importance of art

3. Supporting Vibrant Communities

Art and culture aid in building social capital, supporting vibrant communities and lifting up new ones. This capital thrives with regular participation in a variety of art and cultural events and activities.

Art and cultural events and activities like fairs, festivals, or sports competitions form social cohesion and solidarity, encouraging community closeness, empowerment, social tolerance, and civic pride.

Supporting vibrant communities has plenty of perks. Besides bringing people of all walks of life together, a vibrant community plays a crucial role in the quality of its citizens’ life, lowering the likelihood of a feud between neighbors and preventing poverty.

4. Encouraging Healthy Populations

Encouraging healthy populations is one of the biggest roles of art and culture in our life. Numerous studies have shown that cultural and creativity helps to enhance physical and mental health alike.

Participation in the arts has also been shown to boost the well-being and overall health of older adults as it prevents social isolation and stimulates intercultural understanding and identity development.

According to Vancouver’s Arts, Health and Seniors Project, taking an active part in the arts provides a host of great health benefits, including physical and emotional well-being and social cohesion. Both an indicator of overall health status and the measures of chronic pain improved over time.

Importance of Art and Culture in Our Life

5. The Opportunity to Showcase Your Knowledge and Talent

Every one of us has a set of talents, but unfortunately, we tend to lock them and keep them hidden till the last breath. That’s why art and culture are so important. They give us the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and talents.

They give us the opportunity to find our true calling. Some people discover their talents in their late 50s or 60s thanks to art. If you feel lost in life, think about devoting at least a few weeks to art and see what happens next.

Dancer/choreographer Joanne Liebenberg on how dance has impacted her life 

Joanne Liebenberg, a professional dancer from South Africa who now lives and works in the U.S., has proven that talented artists can spend their careers sharing their talents and their artistry with audiences all around the world while also being transformed themselves. 

"Dance is about continuous growth and understanding. Dance has shaped who I am as a person. It is my life's work and a part of who I am. I have a great deal of love and respect for my craft!"

That love and respect for dance has led to Liebenberg's incredibly successful career, too. She has won multiple awards in international dance competitions, worked as a featured dancer with Royal Caribbean Entertainment, and was the lead dancer at both the Kalk Bay Theatre in South Africa and the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York. Most recently, she's been working with the Center for Performing Arts Methuen in Massachusetts. 

In Liebenberg's opinion, her life just wouldn't be the same without dance. 

"I have dance to thank for all my travels, which include performances in more than 20 countries. I am thrilled to further my dance career working all over the US."

Liebenberg's career is just one isolated example of how the arts can transform entire lives for the better, for the artist and the audience alike. 

dancer joanne liebenberg

Joanne Liebenberg

6. Fighting Stress and Anxiety

Have you heard of art therapy? It’s one of the latest methods of reducing high stress levels and relieving the symptoms of anxiety. When ignored, stress can negatively affect the body and result in serious consequences, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

Creating art promotes self-care, distraction, and a near-meditative state. If you don’t feel like drawing, you can visit a local art gallery. All those artistic creations will take your mind off the problems that are nagging you. They can also help you cope with panic attacks.

7. Promoting the Tourism Industry

The more things your town or city has to show to others, the more tourists it will attract. A variety of historic sites, art galleries, museums, events, and festivals greatly contribute to tourism.

Marketing cultural heritage assets significantly contribute to cultural tourism growth. The thriving tourism industry is a surefire way to improve the city’s economy, encouraging infrastructure development and supporting job creation.

Importance of Art and Culture in Our Life

8. Expressing Emotions

Burying your emotions helps to prevent many conflicts, but it negatively affects your mental health. Expressing your emotions is vital for your well-being and you don’t have to fight with anyone to show your emotions. You can do it with the help of art.

Whether you’re happy, angry, sad, or deeply depressed, grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start drawing. You don’t have to be an artist and draw a masterpiece. Your aim is to draw your emotions and free your mind of negative thoughts while feeding it with positive ones.

If you feel too intimidated to create art, try reading this article on the subject.

9. Enhancing Self-Growth

Including art and culture in your life aids in boosting self-esteem, developing thinking skills, improving resilience, and enhancing confidence.

When you’re aware of your cultural heritage, you start understanding history better while broadening your chances and abilities for lifelong learning and education. Knowledge is power, remember? Art and culture boast plenty of opportunities for gaining knowledge.

The importance of art and culture is extremely large, although it’s been unfairly overlooked for the past decade. It doesn’t mean that you should visit museums or art galleries every other day.

There are multiple ways to incorporate art and culture into your life. For example, you can start art therapy today or make painting your new hobby. The sky is the limit here.

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