Magic Show Team Building

November 11, 2022

Team building is an excellent way to boost employee morale, productivity, and trust within your organization. Employees will feel more connected to their colleagues and the company when they participate in group activities that emphasize teamwork and collaboration.

Teambuilding can also help create new relationships across departments or even outside of work. It’s a powerful tool for improving communication and understanding between people who might not otherwise interact very often.

It’s also cost-effective — some report it being up to 200% cheaper than traditional offsite meetings. And if you do plan a trip, most providers offer daily rates so employees don’t have to worry about overpaying because you left early.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at ten easy teambuilding exercises that anyone can perform with no special equipment needed. If you’ve got a pool, you know what to do!

So, let's get started.

Choose your team members

magic show team building

Choosing your team member should be done with care, as they will work for you long before the show and after it! Make sure that whoever you pick can handle being in front of an audience, and that they have a good attitude.

People are a lot different so what works for one may not work for another. Being able to read people is key when picking who to invite onto your team.

If someone seems nervous or uncomfortable speaking in public, then chances are they would lose confidence once the speeches start. Find someone who doesn’t seem too stressed out about it and hope they don’t notice how weirded out you are!

Don’t feel like you need to include everyone on your team unless they want to do it! Some people love sharing their knowledge and experience and this could open up new opportunities for them.

Your partner may already have some friends who know about your passion, so instead of looking for people who aren’t yet connected, try finding ways to bring the two groups together.

Research your team members

magic show team building

A few tips to make this easier are doing some research into each member’s personal life, career, and hobbies. These things can tell you about who they are as people which is important when trying to gain their trust and respect.

For example, if someone mentions that they enjoy travelling then ask them where they want to go next. If they say Hawaii, it may indicate that they have always wanted to live there.

You also need to look at past performance and achievements. Does what seem like a fun activity make sense given all of these factors?

If yes, great! But keep an eye out for warning signs such as if they suddenly become very enthusiastic or angry about something. It may be because they spent time planning the event and now feel uncomfortable having to talk about it.

People often put on fake smiles or hide how they feel in the workplace, so being able to recognize those patterns outside of work will help you understand more about them.

Plan your team-building activity

magic show team building

As mentioned earlier, choosing an activity to do as a group is very important. If you choose something that no one wants to do, then the event will not go well! Making crafts or doing other activities can be done at any time so this does not matter.

certain people want to do something more structured, like taking a tour of the area or playing a game, they can be prepared before the event. This would require less preparation time but may need additional supplies which could be rented or purchased.

Organize the team-building event

magic show team building

A great way to close out the year is to organize a team-building activity or event. This can be an outdoor activity, such as going hiking together, or something more casual, like watching a movie or playing games.

Team building events are always fun because they focus on bringing groups of people together. You will have to research several different types of activities to find one that fits your group’s style!

Making sure the whole group has enough sleep before the activity is very important so that everyone is ready for it. Give the participants adequate time to prepare for their part of the activity.

Conduct the team building event

magic show team building

While some may consider creative teams to be an internal source of stress, group activities can promote strong relationships. By organizing your gathering as a “team-building” event, you are clearly defining this term.

A team-building activity is usually organized by outside vendors that have paid to participate. This removes any potential bias when paying attention to the participants and their behaviours.

These types of events typically role-playing or challenge exercises to facilitate teamwork. For example, participants might work together in an exercise where they must quickly assemble as many pieces as possible of a puzzle.

The key here is to make sure everyone has enough time to collaborate before being separated for good!

Given how expensive travelling to other countries can be, most team-building events occur at local venues or conferences where participation care is less significant.

Many companies organize such events annually to keep morale up and encourage collaboration across levels and departments. These events also prove much-needed rest after a long day of work.

Evaluate the event

magic show team building

Now that you’ve done the event for free, it is time to evaluate if this was worth your investment. Was it fun? Were people enjoying themselves?

You can now factor in how much money you spent on food, drinks, and decorations into the equation. If you enjoyed the event then pay another visit at some later date to see what other events The Group has attended so you can watch their performance!

They may have hired professionals or sponsored products but that doesn’t mean they don’t love spending time together as a team. You just need to look more closely to find that out.

The Event Coach will also be able to tell you whether key players didn't attend or contribute towards the event. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless they are very important to The Group.

If you’re ever struggling to get the group to do something, ask why they haven’t yet. Sometimes, someone forgot about the event or lost the motivation to come.

Plan for future-building events

magic show team building

A great way to close out this article is by asking yourself two questions: 1) Are you ready to host your magic show? 2) Will you be able to promote it to others?

While having an event every week is great, we can also take breaks from that. Having a once-a-month or even twice-a-yearly event.

Most people practice singing tricks at least monthly if not weekly, so why not use those practices to help grow your group as well?

Practice new trick concepts like our “Triangle of Death” here on our YouTube channel. Do some research and figure out how to do some of your favourite tricks such as the “Butterfly Effect.”

Once again, there are many free resources available online with step-by-step instructions. All of these things can be practised in groups or one-on-one, depending on what types of teams you have.

Take notes

Even if you don’t do magic as your main job, taking good notes is always helpful.

From notes that you take during meetings to reminders of things you need to do, keeping organized is very important.

Magic isn’t quite the same as performing a trick like doing trick, but it’s still pretty similar!

When you are thinking about something, how can you make sure that you don’t forget what it is? You have to put some effort into reminding yourself of it.

And this will help you in many other areas of your life too!

Making careful notes also helps you to remember things later. If you notice something interesting, write down what it was and why it was interesting so that you can come back to it at another time.

But beyond just helping you with school or work, having these note-taking skills is an integral part of almost every field.

A lot of jobs require you to gather information and being able to quickly access that info makes your job much easier.

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