Manchester Storm launches NFTs on Locker NFT Marketplace

September 28, 2022

The Manchester Storm, an ice hockey powerhouse, has announced that it is getting set to launch a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Locker Token has teamed up with The Manchester Storm, a close associate of the renowned English football side Manchester United, for its NFT initiative.

The Manchester Storm announced its successful collaboration with Locker Token to introduce new NFTs in a news statement on September 20. The Manchester Storm plans to debut its NFT line this week, on September 22.

Manchester Storm Hockey NFTs

The eagerly awaited NFTs will use blockchain technology to showcase game highlights while giving ice hockey fans a greater sense of ownership and connection to players. Tokenized players, trade cards, and live events like goal-scoring competitions and player scuffles will all be included in the NFT project.

On September 21, when the Manchester Storm play the Guildford Flames at home, they will mint their first batch of NFTs, allowing ice hockey fans to do so in real time. Users will buy NFTs with ETH.

Liam Hesketh, Manchester Storm's sponsorship and marketing consultant, made the following observation regarding the new alliance:

“We are hugely excited to be the first Elite League team to launch their NFT collection with Locker Token. The sports industry is a fast moving market and with web 3.0 on the horizon we are delighted to continue our off-ice innovation in a way that will draw in further supporters.”

Locker Token To Integrate More Teams

More teams will continue to be onboarded, according to The Locker Token. To introduce a new NFT collection, Rögle BK was introduced into the NFT marketplace last week. In the Rögle BK NFT collection, players and trade cards of various rarities were tokenized and NFT information was encoded on them.

Locker Token plans to add additional clubs and sports to its portfolio; another ice hockey team is anticipated to join the NFT market next week. In only a few weeks, the Manchester Storm has joined together with Locker Token for Hockey NFTs.

Pat Curcio, a professional hockey consultant at Locker Token, spoke on the most recent collaboration:

“We are stoked to welcome the Manchester Storm to our team roster. Their prominence in the Ice Hockey game speaks for itself. The Locker Token team is aggressively on boarding new teams on a nigh-on weekly basis, as we aim to provide fans ownership of team moments through blockchain technology.”

Before concluding, it should be noted that the Manchester Storm have said that all supporters, regardless of their degree of experience in the cryptocurrency market, will have access to the NFT mint. The ice hockey club plans to provide its supporters widespread access to cutting-edge technology.


Thanks to Dominic Kimani at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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