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January 3, 2023

When it comes to career passions, there are two types of professionals – those that have them and those that don’t. The first group is made up of people who can’t stop talking about their chosen field, how in-depth they know it, and all the ways they've developed through it.

The second type is what I like to call 'field dependent' individuals. They may not actively want to be working in your given area, but they're definitely able to work in it.

I encountered an example of this just last week at my workplace. One of our departmental managers walked into his team meeting with some very bad news. He told us that we'd been selected as one of the top teams in the country for our written communication skills!

As you probably guessed, he was overjoyed to tell us about it. It's something he looks for consistently across the whole staff roster and when he finds it, he celebrates by throwing a big party (for us, anyway!).

He gave each person present a small gift bag containing some notes and pens to take home and practice using effectively. He also asked if anyone had any ideas on how to improve these writing skills before the next conference.

Since many of us were new to the team, he took time to talk about why good writing is so important and how having solid writing skills will help us achieve our goals.

The passion of art

of passion

A few generations ago, people didn’t really understand what artists did. Some thought they just painted pretty pictures that got paid well, which is not far off-but there was no clear definition or understanding of how artist create something so passionate and internal.

We have entered an era where people recognize artistic talent and creativity as an important part of life. People celebrate creative individuals and even make money marketing things like artwork and creativity.

This shift happened because we as society valued creating and experiencing beauty more than ever before. We gave up our privacy to see everything you do online, and technology makes it easier to watch TV, surf the web, and access information anywhere.

As we become more aware of the importance of aesthetics in life, we encourage others to pursue their dreams and enjoy art. It seems everyone has a story about when they were inspired by beautiful things and wanted to do something with their lives.

It's time to reevaluate this perception.

Making art isn't for anyone but yourself. Yours to explore, to experiment with, to perfect, to put your heart into.

The passion of science

of passion

Being passionate about something is great, but being passionate about something you know well and that helps you achieve your other passions is even better. Science is a good example of this.

Many people are drawn to the study of science because they find it fascinating. There’s lots of talk about how scientists love experiments and research, so why not pursue those as a career? Or how some people enjoy reading about scientific discoveries, so why not become an expert in that area?

But what most people don’t realize is that being passionate about science isn’t just for kids.

The passion of gaming

of passion

What is the average person doing right now? They are spending their time watching TV, surfing the internet, or playing video games. Almost every person in this generation has at least one game they can not put down!

Why do people enjoy videogames so much? Why does it appeal to such different demographics?

It’s because gaming offers an experience that goes beyond just having fun. It teaches you new things about yourself and makes you feel good.

There are many reasons why gaming is a great source of entertainment. This article will go into more detail on some of these reasons.

The passion of food

of passion

Why is eating so passionate to some people? It’s because they are constantly thinking about it! They are always looking forward to their next meal, or waiting for something new in the cookbook that they have recently picked up.

They may even start talking about it with other people who also enjoy cooking and eating! Food has become an integral part of their life, which makes them happy.

Some people gain pleasure from preparing delicious foods, while others enjoy eating what their loved ones cooked for them.

The passion for nature

of passion

There are many things in this world that people find passionate, such as eating meat or drinking alcohol. Some even get passionate about taking illegal drugs. But there is only one thing that we should all be passionately engaged in — our relationship with God.

Some people seem to have an instinctual connection with God. They feel his presence when they wake up and go to sleep, he makes room for him in their lives, and he gives them little breaks throughout the day to acknowledge his existence and love for them.

These individuals may not always live a particularly moral life, but they understand why they should. They know it because of what Jesus did for them.

This is the basis of Christianity; knowing and living by the example of Christ. Because he gave his life for us, we are expected to do likewise.

The passion for photography

of passion

A lot of people begin taking pictures as hobbies, then before they know it, they’ve trained their hands and eye enough to pursue it professionally. Some only stick with it as a hobby though, until one day someone tells them about how much money they could make from their photos, or how many jobs it can find you.

That person is probably more than happy to help you spread your wings and launch your career in photography, but there are still things you need to understand about this craft first.

It takes lots of skills and practice to be really good at it, so don't worry too soon if you're not quite there yet. Take your time to learn everything you can!

And while most professionals have some sort of equipment needed to take great photographs, that's definitely not always the case. Many photographers use smartphone apps and online resources to achieve their goals instead.

There are even some who do without certain tools, making their work just as impressive as anyone else's.

The passion for music

of passion

Let’s take a look at some examples of people who were passionate about music.

I would like to add my own personal experience into this discussion as an example. I grew up in a very musical family, and therefore, I was always surrounded by music.

My parents played guitar and piano since they were young, so I got to see them perform when they were kids. As children, we listened to various songs, we sang along, and now as adults, they still continue to inspire me.

As I mentioned before, I have a lot of music-related experiences from being raised around it, so I never really needed much inspiration or motivation to keep listening to music.

But as I grow older, I find that my love for music is less constant and steady than it once was. This brings me – hopefully – to make new discoveries and connections with music.

The passion for dance

As we discussed, being passionate is not always about dancing or learning how to dance. It can be any activity or thing that you enjoy doing and that makes you feel good. For some people, it’s reading, for others it's sewing, and for still other people it's cooking.

It is important to know what things make you feel passionate so that you can use them as a motivation tool. If you want to learn how to dance, then find something that you are struggling with and motivate yourself by saying “I will do this once I have mastered X.”

Where “X” is something like walking on your toes for ten minutes. You get one chance to achieve this goal every day, so why don't you try your hardest to accomplish it?”

For many people, diving into a pool is a satisfying way to spend their time. They may not swim at a professional level, but they love swimming and would never judge anyone who did. Why not pick up swimming if you're already comfortable in water?

Alternatively, if you've ever wanted to play an instrument, now is probably the best time to start! There are many ways to learn how to play the guitar (or bass, violin, etc.) by starting with the basics — stringed instruments such as the ukulele.

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