OpenSea adds ETH L2 optimism support

September 28, 2022

Projects created on the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Optimism are now part of OpenSea's service offering, which has grown to be the largest NFT marketplace by volume. Six networks are presently supported by the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

OpenSea announced its service extension to cover digital items created on Optimism in a blog post on September 27. The collaboration comes after OpenSea last week announced support for Arbitrum, another Ethereum scaler.

OpenSea Expands Optimism Support

The Optimism network joins the roster of five blockchains already available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, which also includes the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum, Solana, Polygon, Klytan, and Solana.

Over 100 Optimism-native collections have already been offered by OpenSea on its marketplace in the last few hours. Apetimism, Bored Town, MotorHeadz, and OptiChads are just a few of the well-known Optimism-supported projects that have joined OpenSea.

Reclaiming Its Upside Trend with OpenSea Eyes

Prior to the new agreement, Quix, the Optimism NFT Marketplace, saw high levels of Optimism-backed NFT trade. Dune Analytics estimates that Quix sold around $26,000 worth of Optimism goods overall on Monday.

The new inclusion could increase sales volume in OpenSea even if Quix's daily trading volume is incomparable to the OpenSea NFT marketplace, which generated more than $9.9 million in trading volume on the same day.

Early Optimists, Apetimism, OptiChads, OptiPunks, and Optimism Quest have recently been the best-selling optimism goods. Early Optimist has more than $700,000 in lifetime trading sales and $1,450 in trading sales within the last 24 hours.

It's important to note that OpenSea's monthly trade volume dropped by more than 93% last month after $310 million in sales fell short of the company's all-time high of $4.8 billion in December 2021.

In light of this, the OpenSea NFT marketplace hopes that its recent alliances with other industry standards will cause a reversal in its downward trend.

Thanks to Dominic Kimani at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.


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