OpenSea allows bulk NFT listings and purchases

October 6, 2022

According to a recent announcement by OpenSea, a digital market platform for cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto users will soon be able to offer and buy large quantities of digital collectibles in a single transaction.

OpenSea said in a blog post on October 5 that their marketplace for digital assets will enable users to handle a large number of digital assets from the same blockchain in a single transaction. Users of OpenSea may add up to 30 items to their shopping cart.

OpenSea Will Permit More Than 30 NFT Listings

The new feature, according to OpenSea, will lower the price of gas prices and expedite and simplify the transaction procedure. Following that, the business clarified:

“In your collected items tab you can access bulk listings by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol when you hover over an item card or by clicking ‘list for sale’ in the ‘More Options’ drop-down. You’ll then be able to select up to 30 items to list at once.”

OpenSea seeks to regain the health of its market

It is important to note that the daily and monthly transactions on OpenSea's platform have substantially decreased for five straight months. DappRadar claims that the market only processed $5 million in NFT transactions on August 28 after completing $405.75 million worth of transactions on May 1.

In order to improve the health of its market, the digital assets marketplace has recently introduced a number of collaborations and innovations on its platform. In order to help musicians expand and grow their fan bases in the web3 community, OpenSea teamed up with Warner Music Group in September.

Optimism, an Ethereum Layer-2 expanded solution, was used to build NFT projects in the OpenSea NFT marketplace last week. Additionally, OpenSea has announced plans to integrate Arbitrum, enabling users to buy and trade NFTs created using the Ethereum roll-up.

OpenSea believes that recent developments, such as its new capability enabling bulk NFT listing and purchases on the marketplace, will improve the market's overall health going forward.

Thanks to Dominic Kimani at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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