Oprah Passion Test

December 23, 2022

As we begin this test, let’s take a moment to reflect on what made you choose this career path. What inspired you to become an expert in your field?

For many people, becoming an expert is simply due to passion for the subject. They may love reading about health tips or investing money in financial products so they create their own website with helpful information and tutorials. Or maybe someone has a passion for cooking, so they start sharing recipes with others online. All of these examples show that being passionate about something comes first!

Having passion for your job is one of the most important qualities in our industry, but it’t easy to know when you have it.

It takes more than just feeling good while doing work, which can be hard to measure sometimes. But if you are able to look beyond that, then you will know whether someone is truly passionate about their career or not.

A lot of things will make us feel passionate, such as when we achieve milestones, talk about how well we do our jobs, or when we win an award. However, none of these matter unless you also believe in yourself and your potential outside of the workplace. If you don’t, then those rewards won’t mean much to you.

Also, thinking only about the future self is not inspiring either. You will never inspire anyone else by acting like you don’t believe in yourself.

Am I working on my passion?

oprah passion test

Now, this doesn’t mean to stop doing your current job, but you need to make room in your life for more than just work at this stage. You have to invest time in relationships, hobbies and activities that give you joy outside of work.

It’s easy to get distracted at work so it can be hard to find the time to do things that matter to you. It takes courage and strength to shift the priorities in your life and that requires motivation beyond ‘I want to see how much money I can make’.

What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? If you don’t know the answer to either one of these, try asking yourself what you were asked when you first started working. Were you able to then say with confidence that you would spend the rest of your career living out your dreams because you made your commitments back then?

If you're not sure whether or not you're investing enough time in areas that matter to you, ask yourself if what you're spending each day is leaving you feeling satisfied, excited and proud of yourself.

Am I doing my passion in my life?

oprah passion test

Even if you don’t feel like your career is going the way it was designed to, that doesn’t mean you haven’t found your passion.

What we call our “passion” comes from exploring different areas of life and figuring out what makes us feel good about ourselves and the world. It isn’t necessarily money or work, though both are important parts of living an engaging life.

It can be anything — learning how to sew clothes, studying history, reading literary classics, swimming every day, talking with interesting people, experimenting with new foods, investing in yourself by taking lessons or training courses, and on and on.

You know when you experience something that feels meaningful and satisfying? When you're doing it, it's easy to believe that you have to do it because you decided to put some effort into it, but also because you got a feeling it was something you should be doing.

That's your passion.

What is my biggest passion?

oprah passion test

Even though she’s famous for being talk show host, Oprah has spent more time developing her skills as an entrepreneur. She launched her own network in October 2011 — OWN! – by buying a 50% stake in The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) from Harpo Studios.

Since then, she’s built up the brand through successful television programs, magazine publications, fitness classes, and even her own line of wellness products. All this success comes down to one thing: Oprah’s passion for helping other people.

She gives away her money and resources tirelessly to improve others’ lives. And you can too by investing in their dreams and encouraging them to pursue their goals.

That’s why it makes sense to ask yourself what your greatest passion is. It could be writing, painting, dancing or anything else that brings you genuine happiness.

But no matter what career path you choose, there will be times when you feel tired or overwhelmed. That’s okay! We all experience feelings like that from time to time.

It’s important to remember that life is about living each day as if it were your last, so make the most out of today and enjoy every minute of it. Also, try to ignore any bad messages you may get from different sources, instead focus on learning from the good ones.

What are my strengths?

oprah passion test

A strong personality is one of your greatest assets as a leader. When you lead, people look to you for guidance and inspiration. Your strength as a leader comes from how well you know yourself and what makes you feel confident and relaxed.

Your personal strengths help you fulfill your responsibilities as an authority figure but also aid in promoting leadership among others. You’ll inspire more motivated employees when they see that you enjoy what you do and are passionate about it.

It’s important to recognize your weaknesses too though, because this is where most people get stuck. They think that if someone else can do something better, then they should try to do it instead of improving themselves.

This doesn’t work when you’re leading a team of people however. If you don’t know how to do something, or need some help mastering a skill, then ask for it! Don’t worry about looking weak, just be willing to learn and grow.

By being aware of both your strengths and weaknesses, you will never settle on being “good enough.” You will always strive to achieve your highest potential.

What are my weaknesses?

oprah passion test

A weakness is an area of your life where you feel like you never quite succeed. It’s something that you struggle with, but you don’t really make progress in changing it.

It can be anything – from talking to people to spending money to giving up things you love. You may not ever completely change this weakness, but by working hard on it, you will find success in other areas.

Your strengths can help you achieve your goals and contribute to feeling happy.

What opportunities am I overlooking?

oprah passion test

A few years ago, when Oprah’s book club was in its prime, she would invite famous writers to read from their new work while hosting her show. She would then have these writers do a short interview with herself and her guests about the book they just finished reading.

It is very common for people to get motivated by what others are doing. You can be quite inspired by watching someone else achieve his or her goal, so why not try to do that yourself?

By putting in some effort into activities that inspire you, it will give you inspiration and motivation to keep going. It’ll make you feel better about your own life, and maybe even change it for the better.

There are many ways to gain inspiration. You could read a lot of books or watch a bunch of movies. Or you could go to events like we mentioned before where people talk about how they spent their lives achieving their dreams.

This article will talk about five things that might not seem related at first, but all made a big impact on inspiring me to put more energy into other areas of my life.

What goals should I work on?

oprah passion test

Now, what you choose to focus your energy on is up to you, but here are some things you can add into your life to make it meaningful and worth it

Become more conscious of yourself and your beliefs. Ask yourself if these beliefs help you feel good about yourself or if they are simply ego-boosting.

Work on being kinder to yourself. Give yourself permission to fail! You’ve never failed before so why start now. We all need reminders that we don’t have to be perfect to enjoy our lives.

Give up power by choosing less powerful thoughts over angry ones. Thinking positively will create positive emotions which will in turn motivate you to take action and achieve your dreams.

Practice gratitude. Start with just five minutes every morning where you write down something you are grateful for from the day before. Then move onto longer periods as you get better at it.

What should I do today?

oprah passion test

As we live our lives, we get into ruts – habits that keep us feeling stressed and tired. Re-evaluating your life and career can be tough, but it is worth it!

It’s time to ask yourself what you want out of life. Are you living with passion or are you going through the motions? Do you wake up every day excited to go to work or do you feel like you’re walking onto the set of a TV show and knowing your lines but nobody knows yours?

You have to know who you are as a person and what you believe in before you can move forward with confidence. You have to feel confident in yourself before you can inspire confidence in others.

If you don’t, there's really no reason for them to trust you. No one wants to invest their energy in someone they don’t respect.

What if I told you that you could test your own passion for something? You could identify things that you're passionate about right now and see whether they're fleeting or whether they've got staying power. It'll also tell you how strong your passions are at this moment in time.

This way you won't spend your life chasing dreams that may not come to pass or investing in things that aren't worthy. You will be able to recognize opportunities that are good fits for you.

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