Passion: How Great Is Our God

January 2, 2023

The most passionate people are not always the ones who do things that make other people laugh or admire, but those who live their lives with strong convictions and emotions. They set goals they want to achieve and work hard towards them with unwavering motivation.

The Bible is full of examples of powerful passions – from Jesus’ passion for serving others to Abraham’s faith in a higher power. Both earned Him praise and recognition.

There are several reasons why having a passionate life is good. First, it can boost your happiness.

We have found that being engaged with what you care about makes you feel happier. And research shows that spending time engaging in activities you enjoy is one of the best ways to increase your level of happiness.

Second, living with intensity helps us connect more deeply with others.

When we are invested in something, we will go beyond just doing business with someone — we will invest emotionally too. We will try harder to understand how they feel, and we will spend more time with them.

Third, being passionate means pursuing excellence.

You may not know what you want until you see an example of it, so look around you and find yours! Whether it's learning new skills, giving a talk at a podium, or practicing yoga every day, find what inspires you and pursue it with vigor.

Fourth, being passionate creates energy in your body and mind.

The passion of the Holy Spirit

passion how great is our god

There is one more major source of strength that we must look into to know who Jesus was and what He did for us. This source is not mentioned often in church history, but it’s an important concept when talking about Christian faith.

It’s called the “passion of the holy spirit.” It seems like an odd term at first, but I hope you will give this idea some thought.

The word “pneumatology” comes from two Greek words which mean “spiritualism” or “the study of spirits.” When used together as a suffix, however, they form a new word meaning “the science of spiritual things.”

So the word pneumatology means the “study of spirituality.” We can see here that this definition makes sense because spirituality is just that- something beyond our normal understanding.

In fact, many people use the word spiritually before the noun to make its meaning clear! For example, you could say, “I need to find my spirituality today,” or, “We should do something spiritual tonight.

The passion of your soul

passion how great is our god

We live our lives at a very fast pace these days. Technology has made it possible to be connected constantly, even when you are in isolation or alone.

With every new message, notification, and email that we receive, we are exposed to more thoughts and ideas than ever before.

This is why it can be so hard to find silence and solitude in today’s world.

There are always messages telling us to do something, thinking about doing something, or talking about what we should do next.

Too often we lose sight of what matters most in life.

We forget how to spend time with people who aren’t online chat friends, we neglect learning things that don’t require technology, and we fail to make room for stillness and relaxation.

It becomes harder and harder to find true peace and tranquility.

When we run out of quiet space, we begin to run out of passion for the things that matter.

The passion of life

passion how great is our god

We live in an increasingly complex world, one that is getting more chaotic every day. Technology has connected even the most isolated people from each other, creating what some call an “info-bubble” where individuals are completely dependent upon technology for their news and information.

We also live in a culture that encourages individualism, making it harder to find community groups or opportunities to connect with others.

Finding sources of meaning in our lives becomes more difficult as we lose touch with things like religion, spirituality and community. On top of this, there are ever-increasing amounts of distractions due to advanced technology.

It is easy to get distracted, not because everything is becoming digital but because everything is digital! There are so many options at our disposal that it can be hard to choose just one thing over another.

In a society that rewards material gain, we are living in a state of constant consumption. More and more of us have access to greater resources which only adds to the pressure to keep up. This growing stress may lead to health problems or mental illness.

The passion of love

passion how great is our god

We live in an era where people seem to be getting farther and farther away from the idea of passionate love. With every new technology that comes along, things get easier and simpler to do, but something feels like it’s missing.

We have become distant from the idea of true romantic love. People seem to avoid it or at least not acknowledge its importance in their lives anymore.

It is so easy to get distracted these days with all the distractions in our world; we lose sight of what really matters.

This is why it is important to remain focused on the thing that you truly want out of life. You will never achieve this goal if you don’t know what it is yet.

You need to be able to identify what makes you feel happy and relaxed, as well as what makes you feel angry and stressed.

Then, you need to find ways to add more of the first ones into your daily routine and less of the second ones. This is how you can achieve your dream of having a successful career and/or family.

There are many different routes towards that dream, but only one allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labors. That is the route which involves being productive and doing good work.

The passion of success

passion how great is our god

We are truly blessed to live in an era where people work hard all the time to be famous, or wealthy, or powerful. Where individuals devote their lives to sports teams they love, or charities they believe in, or companies that contribute to our economy.

It is easy to get distracted by things we do not like – what types of foods we dislike, how much we spend on entertainment, how busy we are- but never really focus on what we love to do.

We lose sight of what makes us happy because we are always looking forward to something else. This is why it is so important to find your passion and once you do, make it a part of your life.

This can be anything from creating art, to teaching music, to dancing, to traveling. It does not need to be for money, though wealth is definitely a way to enjoy your passions!

No matter what area of life you want to pursue, if you feel passionate about it, then keep studying more about it and eventually launch his career.

By investing your energy into things you are passionate about, you will achieve your goal faster and better than if you were trying to force yourself onto doing things that you did not care about.

The passion of happiness

passion how great is our god

We are told that God is passionate about you, but what does this mean? It means that God loves you with an unshakeable love.

He has such strong feelings for you that He cannot bear to be without you, and it becomes very important to Him how you live your life.

If we believe in a God who knows all things, then we must also acknowledge that He is aware of every mistake you make.

He knows why you hurt others, and he is not happy about it.

He is aware of how much money you spend, and whether or not this use of resources is necessary for your livelihood. If it isn’t, there will be consequences- many might say devastating ones.

And while people may talk about You behind Your back, no one can take away what I have given To You.

The passion of health

passion how great is our god

We are all inspired by different things, some more than others. Some people find inspiration in making money, going after what they want, and being successful. Others get motivated by helping other people, or spending time with loved ones.

But there is one thing that can inspire everyone – health.

We are constantly surrounded by messages about how to achieve and maintain healthy living. There are always new studies, tips, and tricks coming out. It seems like every company makes a fannypack about their product.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by it all, but don’t!

There is one area where we can turn our eyes for true motivation – health. Looking at the amount of life you have given yourself depends on your overall wellness. Health is not just something you do once in a while, but an integral part of who you are as a person.

It is your foundation, your place to start when you feel low on energy. Learning about nutrition, fitness, and self-care will help you enjoy this healthier lifestyle for years to come.

The passion of freedom

passion how great is our god

There is something powerful about being free. We as humans seem to need constant reminders that we are not enslaved by our circumstances, people, or beliefs.

We enjoy living in environments with lots of things going on because it makes us feel excited. It gives us the sense that we can try new things, experience new emotions, and move forward in life when we want to.

It takes effort to be passionate, but once you learn how to use this energy for good instead of evil, you will see the benefits.

Passion can motivate you to do things you would never have considered doing before. It can help you achieve your dreams and lead you to create opportunities that were impossible otherwise.

Our god has a passion for freeing individuals, nations, and entire cultures from limitations imposed by society, religion, and politics. He knows what it means to live an unrestrained life and he wants to show you too.

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