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December 5, 2022

Let’s look at some examples of passion in action.

I have read many books, seen many movies, and listened to many songs about passion. They all seem to share one common theme: passion is what makes you feel good. It is how you experience strong emotions like joy or love, or powerful feelings such as anger or desire.

Some people are more passionate than others. Some people get really excited about certain things, while other things don’t even make them blink an eye.

But why would someone who doesn’t enjoy something keep doing it anyway? Why wouldn’t they just give up and say “It isn’t for me”?

A few reasons come to mind.

First, they could be too scared to try new things. If they can’t find out if something is fun for them, then they will never know.

Second, they might not recognize their passions because they were never taught about them.

Third, they could believe that they aren’t capable of experiencing passion, so they don’t try.

Fourth, they may worry about losing face by showing their lack of interest in something.

And lastly, they could fear failure.

All of these fears prevent most people from exploring and finding out what they want.

Examples of passion

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Let’s look at some examples of what makes someone passionate.

I have organized this into three different categories, but you can mix it up how you want to organize them. The first one is through arts and crafts, the second one is through sports, and the third one is through hobbies.

All of these types of passions show that the person involved in the activity is very invested in it. They are able to talk about it with depth and they feel happy when they are part of the community that exists around the activity.

A lot of people who work in the art or craft industry or as an athlete invest in their field beyond just going through the motions. They may spend money related to their profession, investing in educational materials or equipment.

They may contribute to charities connected to their career area or actively promote the products and services they use. A few things all of these have in common is that they each make the other person doing the activity feel good. They like what they see and/or learn from them, and they feel happier for knowing them.

This article will discuss why being passionate about something beyond your self-interest is important, and some ways to do this. But before we get into those, let us start by defining what defines an “important” thing.

What makes an action significant depends on what you care about.

Your passion is important

show passion meaning

What makes someone passionate about something varies, of course. For some people, it’s music or fashion or to learn new things. It could be sports or cars or anything really.

For other people, their passions are more practical. They might like to make things so they can spend time creating them or teaching others how to create things.

Some people feel passionate about making money, being famous, or developing big companies. All of these things take work, and you will need to use different skills to achieve each one, but none require too much in terms of what type of person you are.

What all these things have in common is that they are not necessarily interesting to watch. You may love watching a show just because you enjoy spending time learning about things, but most of us find some shows very boring.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t keep you interested for many episodes though! People often get emotionally attached to stories, which also helps.

What is passionate about?

show passion meaning

Being passionate is not just having strong emotions for something, but it’s also engaging in activities that are related to your passion.

It's spending time doing things you love (called engagement with your passion), and it is experiencing those feelings more intensely (intensity). Both of these components contribute to what people refer to as passion — being engaged and invested in something or someone.

Having passion for something means you will be actively involved in it - by talking about it, thinking about it, reading material related to it, etc. You feel excited when you think about it, and you experience some degree of feeling inside.

It can be anything from investing in a product or service, to owning multiple pieces of clothing that are all in the same style, to starting up a business that you have always wanted to do.

Passion helps motivate us to action because we want to see results of our investment in this thing. We enjoy interacting with others who are like us and share our passions, so it creates social connections.

Running across busy streets to get to work takes a lot of effort, which is why most people don't do it unless they're paid for it. But many professionals pay attention to how well they perform their jobs and improve through motivational speaking engagements, which inspire them to keep practicing their craft and strive towards excellence.

Touchpoints in your life to show passion

show passion meaning

There are many touch points in your daily life that prove you have shown passion for something. These can be things such as talking about an item or topic with depth, actively supporting it through action (such as donating money to purchase merchandise or attending events), displaying it publicly, sharing information about it, etc.

If someone asked you whether you showed passion for this thing, you would know what to say.

Do not be afraid to show passion

show passion meaning

Let’s look at some examples.

My friend is very passionate about soccer. Almost every day, she watches games and studies strategies for hours. She loves the game so much that she organized an informal gathering with other people who share her love of the sport.

Her group meets once a week to watch a professional football (soccer) match. They chat about the game while they watch and it makes them feel connected as a group.

She made sure everyone was comfortable and understood the rules of the game, so anyone could join in if they wanted to. It does not matter what team someone wants to support, this meeting has been open to all since it started.

There are no dues or membership fees – you just have to come to one meetup to attend. This way, people do not need to invest money to enjoy the activity together.

Soccer is a popular sport so there are always lots of spectators watching the game. My friend hosts the event outside so people can watch and talk while they play.

It is great motivation for those who want to try out sports because they see others doing it passionately.

Cultivate passion

show passion meaning

Let’s look at it from another angle. What is passion?

Passion is when you get really excited about something. You feel like you have to do this thing, you can’t not do it. Your heart pounds faster as you try to contain it. You may even become slightly uncomfortable because of how strong your desire for this thing is.

That's what makes it passion - the passion to do it comes first, followed by the need to do it.

So why don't we all have more passion? It's because we've trained ourselves to assume that we shouldn’t. We’ve trained ourselves to believe that passion isn’t worthwhile or significant.

We’ve also trained ourselves to think that if we work hard enough, we won’t show any emotion, so we wouldn’t be passionate. Either way, we silence our natural inner voice.


You are passionately in love with yourself every day.

You are passionately devoted to your family. And they know it – which is one of the main reasons they keep coming back to you.

And I bet there are some things in your life right now that you're investing energy into, spending time on, thinking about, talking about, etc., and you can tell that these things matter to you. They make you happy.

Be passionate about what you believe in

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Let’s look at some examples of passions that are good to have. Being passionate about something is great if it makes you happy and helps you achieve your goals.

Being passionate about fashion is great, I will always admire those who know how to dress well and keep up with trends. It is also interesting to note that many famous people forgo expensive clothing brands and stick to more affordable ones.

Passionate musicians and singers often earn lots of money due to their talent so they can afford nice clothes. A few years ago, there was an episode of The Voice where one contestant wore very flashy jewelry which made her seem less like she wanted to win the prize.

It is important to be aware of popular styles and shapes, but not do them yourself unless you really feel confident in your ability to match colors and designs. By being knowledgeable about fashionable clothes, you will stand out as someone who cares about looking professional.

Show passion when talking to people

show passion meaning

Speaking with passion is something that seems to come more naturally to some people than others. It can be difficult for some to find their voice and use it effectively, however.

When you talk about things that matter to you, your listeners will feel invested in you and what you are saying. They will want to hear what you have to say!

Talking with passion takes practice, but don’t worry – you are not alone! There are many ways to learn how to speak passionately.

This article will look at 5 easy tips to help you show more passion in your speech. Read on to see these helpful tips and then try one out today!

Disclaimer: These tips should be used as a tool to improve your speaking performance, not as a way to make yourself sound more passionate always. Sometimes, even the most passionate speaker cannot muster up enough energy to keep talking. This would very likely backfire and lose you the audience’s attention.

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