R Team Builders

November 22, 2022

Over the past few years, there’s been an explosion of interest in data science and analytics. More and more individuals are experimenting with their hands-on approach to solving complex problems through computational thinking.

This is great! We all need practice using math and logic to figure out solutions to our daily challenges, and we as business owners need to be able to apply these tools to improve how well we run our companies.

However, even though most people have exposure to some basic statistics and mathematics, they may not know where to begin when it comes to learning more advanced statistical concepts like regression or what kind of distributions various datasets contain.

That’s why I wrote this article! You will learn about five different ways to build your R skills from the ground up.

Employee culture

A company with an engaged workforce is a stable one, and employers who value their employees will always have successful ventures. If you are ever feeling like your job has little meaning or that your department doesn’t care about what happens after it leaves the building, consider whether these things contribute to the overall health of the organization and its people.

Does the leadership team genuinely care about others in the department? Do they use and promote talent within the organization? Are there clear goals and milestones for each employee? And most importantly, does everyone feel appreciated and needed by the organization?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, maybe it's time to look elsewhere. You can't change something that isn't happening, and if nothing feels meaningful at work then chances are someone higher up didn't either.

It takes a lot of effort to develop and maintain an engaging workplace, which is why some companies may already have this on lock. But for the rest of us, here are 10 ways to improve our engagement at work.

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