Show Passion 7 Letters

December 27, 2022

Let’s look at some ways to show passion in your career.

This will be fun!

We'll start with something simple but important, which is to show interest in what people have to say. An easy way to do this is by listening more than you talk. When you listen well, you demonstrate that you are interested in other people's experiences, ideas, and conversations.

Next we'll focus on how others were passionate about things. Looking at pictures and videos of people who displayed strong emotions for what they cared about can help you imitate their behavior.

Lastly, we'll explore what makes someone else seem like they're really into what they're doing. Being aware of and looking into the reasons why someone else seems engaged can help you feel more motivated yourself.

Now, let's get specific and learn some tips to become more passionate about your job.

Exposing your passion

show passion 7 letters

Let's look at another word that can be tricky to use in this context -- passionate.
As we've discussed before, being passionate is not the same as showing emotions. It's having an interest or desire for something that makes you motivated to work towards it.

Being passionate about something includes acting on that interest, but it also can mean just thinking about it consistently.

It takes more than once thought to determine if someone is truly passionate about something, so don't assume that just because they didn’t seem very enthusiastic yesterday that they aren’t now.

The best way to know if someone is really putting their heart into something is looking for changes in how they behave. They might show up early or stay later after work to do what they have to do to get the job done, they could start spending money on things related to the thing, and they may even begin talking about it constantly.

If you see all of these behaviors then you should believe that they are fully invested in the concept.

Do not be afraid to show your passion

show passion 7 letters

Let’s look at some examples.

My friend who I mentioned in my earlier article about being passionate about things is very passionate about swimming. She loves it, she teaches it, and she does it with such professionalism and dedication.

She has trained in her sport since childhood and now she enjoys competing as an adult. When she was younger, however, she would get nervous before a race because she didn’t feel confident in herself as a swimmer.

It took her until high school for everything to click and she became really good at it. Now, even if she doesn’t know what position she will be assigned in the team, she knows how to swim and she can swim well.

But she never gave up on her dream of becoming a professional athlete. Even though she isn’t quite there yet, she keeps practicing and working hard to reach that goal.

Find your passion language

show passion 7 letters

Let’s look at an example. The word ‘love’ has several different meanings depending on what field you are in. For instance, when used in relation to romantic love, it can mean passionate affection for one person.

When used in connection with business, it can refer to a strong attachment or bond that exists between two individuals or entities.

As we know, the word love is typically comprised of three letters- so why not create our own version?

Here’s a quick way to do that… by adding the prefix alto-, alpha-, or anti- to some words, you get their corresponding letter! For instance, if you add the prefix alto- to the word friendship, you will receive f. Altered words become new nouns.

Take note of this concept and apply it to other popular terms. If you like the sound of the word loved, make it by taking the first part ale -loved and then dropping the last two charactersed.

This creates the word alias, which means similar or analogous. By using this method, you could create your very own signature style or brand – just use your voice as a guide.

Your personal passion language can be incorporated into almost anything you want to achieve. It does not need to be professional, it can be playful or casual.

It does not have to be large scale either; you can start small and work up from there.

Become a lifelong learner

show passion 7 letters

It’s not enough to know only one thing. Being a professional means being someone who can demonstrate that you know how to do a few things well, but more importantly, you are constantly learning and developing yourself so that you can show up as a person of value.

Closing out with “thank you for joining us today” in front of an audience is tough. You have to be able to tell when it’s time to say goodbye and walk away. But if there’s one tip I could give youit’s to leave without saying what you had to talk about or say good-bye.

Keep an open mind

show passion 7 letters

Let’s look at some examples.

My friend who I mentioned earlier this week is constantly showing her passion for reading. She makes it a mission to read as many books as she can every day.

She loves literature and has gathered a collection of books that show her various sides, such as stories about love, life, and death.

By displaying how passionate you are about something, others will be drawn in and want to join your circle or have their own circle.

This could be through friendship, relationships, hobbies, or even careers. By having these, you will never run out of things to do!

Everyone needs inspiration and motivation sometimes, so why not provide it to those around you?

Show people who you are by being aware of what they need and giving it to them. It might be personal or professional, but either one works.

Seek the good in everything

show passion 7 letters

Let’s look at an example of how to show passion through your actions.

My friend is passionate about fitness. Not only does she love working out, but she also loves educating people on health issues and weight loss strategies. She always talks up the benefits of yoga for overall wellness and mental health and has a very impressive collection of mats and props.

She never misses a chance to teach someone the basics of yoga or help them do a pose more elegantly. When you watch her work hard on her workouts, you will see that she is truly invested in staying fit.

You can tell that she enjoys what she does because of how excited she gets when she practices her favorite moves. She pumps herself up before every workout by telling herself why it is important to put in this time into her life, and how her future depends on it.

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