Show Passion In Cover Letter

December 27, 2022

As mentioned before, your cover letter is one of the most important parts of your application. If it does not show strong passion for the job you want, then no one will take it seriously.

Your cover letter can be different from other letters they have received because yours focuses more on how well you would fit as an employee at their company and not just how qualified you are. It should also talk about what makes you passionate or interested in this position.

It is very common to see applicants that do not include much detail in their cover letters. They may even be short and vague. This usually creates more questions than answers as to whether or not someone wants to work with them. You need to make sure that everyone reading your cover letter understands who you are as a person and if you would be a good match.

In addition to being detailed, your cover letter must be written with proper grammar and style. Make sure to use appropriate vocabulary and spell everything correctly.

Be engaging

show passion in cover letter

When applying for a position, you should be passionate about what you are writing and why you are qualified for the job. If your letter does not contain enough passion or is very dry, then people will notice.

Your colleagues and employers will likely take notes as to whether you seem interested in the position or if they have to work hard to get a response from you.

They will also likely assume that you do not care much about the company or the career field.

When hiring someone, a good way to mitigate this risk is to see how well each other’s products perform. You can ask around and find out some information about their product and/or company, but don’t go too deep unless asked!

If there are no signs of engagement, perhaps try asking more questions or looking up something about the organization so you can talk more intelligently about it.

Use concrete examples

show passion in cover letter

In your cover letter, use specific instances to show how you can apply what you learned at your past job and how you overcame challenges there.

Be sure to emphasize things like strengths you have as a professional, projects that you are most proud of, and examples of people who praise you. All of these should be focused around your career goal.

These could include examples of work you've done, achievements, or events you organized. Make them short and to the point to save room for more content!

Your personal story is interesting and comes with its own set of benefits. Tell it if you would like to connect with this employer beyond just their position opening.

Touch on your skills

show passion in cover letter

In these days of technology, having digital proof of your skills is almost like having an empty wallet- you need to make sure you show it! If you’re passionate about something, get some pictures or videos proving it – that is what will truly set you apart from others.

If possible, add links to those products and showcase them in your cover letter. The more clearly you can demonstrate your expertise, the greater chance you have of being selected for a position!

But be careful not to overdo it, too many links could scare potential employers away if they are costed too much money to create.

Make a good use of your time

show passion in cover letter

Even if you have all the necessary skills, unless you show passion for what you are writing, no one will take notice of you. If you do not feel passionate about what you are writing, then you should consider whether this job is right for you.

Many employers look at interviews as an opportunity to determine if you seem like you care about the company and their products. They may also find it hard to believe that you are interested in working for them if you don’t appear to be excited by the position.

If you don’t love what you are doing, chances are someone else will ask yourself why you are still there. You can always turn down a job, but you cannot turn off your own enthusiasm.

Running out of things to say during an interview is totally normal, but making excuses or giving short answers is never a great way to win trust.

Enforce good manners

show passion in cover letter

Even if you do not feel that your cover letter shows enough passion, show some self-control and enforce good manners. If your hand is shaking while writing or there are visible tremors when you touch type, try to take it easy and practice more of a steady pace.

With time, your handwriting will improve so instead of printing from word processing software, write directly from the computer! This way you can control how fast you type which helps with composure.

Try to use neutral tone colors like gray, black, and white when answering the email.

Be confident

show passion in cover letter

All too often, people omit important components of their cover letter. This article’s bullet point says it best – be confidence!
You would not go up to someone with little or no clothing and tell them that they look beautiful, would you? Chances are, they wouldn’t take your advice very seriously if you did.

So why should anyone give much more importance to your writing when you use strong language and seem passionate about what you want to achieve?
They should because it sets an example and makes them feel confident in you as a person. It also gives them a feeling for whether you are really trying hard to get the job or just pretending to.

In addition, passion is attractive. We all like people who show some level of interest in other things than themselves.

It is totally possible to put some effort into creating a great cover letter that doesn’t contain any fluff but instead shows how you have researched the company and what they stand for, and then come prepared with evidence and examples to back up your claims.

Be optimistic

show passion in cover letter

Even if you are not sure of what career path to take, do not get discouraged! There is never a wrong time to explore new opportunities, learn more about yourself, and develop your skills.

If you feel that your dream job has gone up in smoke, there’s no need to give up. You can start looking for your next opportunity elsewhere or begin developing your talent in other areas.

It will be hard at times, but don’t forget why you started this journey in the first place- because you wanted to enjoy learning and exploring different ways to make life better for you.

Don’t let money hold you back – go after what you want with all of your heart and you will succeed.

Be proactive

show passion in cover letter

After all, if you are not passionate about what you want, then how can someone know that you can succeed when you achieve your goal?
You have to believe in yourself and show confidence in what you are trying to accomplish.

When applying for jobs, there is always a trick to get past the interviewer’s first cut at assessing your talent.

That trick is to be more enthusiastic than they are!

By being more excited about the job and the company, then they will feel inspired to talk about themselves less.

They will focus on talking about things that matter to them instead of going into too much detail about their career.

So, as an applicant, it is important to be confident in who you are and showcase this passion. If possible, try to do some research about the company and position before hand so you are prepared.

In addition to this, make sure your phone, computer, and other equipment are fully functional as well.

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