Show Passion Meaning

December 23, 2022

What is passion?

Passion can be described as an intense emotional state that you experience for something or someone. You will know you have passionate feelings about something when you feel very deeply about it.

You may not always show your passion to the same thing, but once you do, it usually doesn’t fade away.

Many people say that they don’t like things so much because they’ve given up looking and seeking experiences that make them happy.

But I think this is the wrong way to look at it.

I believe we lose out by limiting our access to things that make us happy. By avoiding these experiences, we stop ourselves from finding more ways to enjoy life.

There are two reasons why giving up on exploring different experiences makes sense in early stages of growth. The first is time.

It's hard to grow if you're investing all of your energy in staying the same. It takes a lot of effort to stay focused on improving yourself, which is what most people really want to do.

The second reason has to do with fear.

We're afraid we'll fail, so instead of taking risks we stick to things we're familiar with. This way, we won't risk anything, so we preserve our safety net.

This protection helps us survive the moment, but it also prevents us from experiencing new joys. We remain stuck in our comfort zones.

Examples of passion

show passion meaning

Let’s look at some examples of passions, to get a better understanding of what people find engaging.

First, we'll use our friend Olivia the parrot as inspiration. Parrots are one of the most intelligent animals you will ever meet. They have very complex social structures that they create for themselves, and they speak several languages.

Olivia was raised by humans and learned how to talk and say lots of clever things. When she was around two years old, her human caretakers decided it was time to move onto other adventures. They gave her away to us!

Since then, Olivia has shown just how passionate she is about birds. She studies them intently, and she even teaches herself new tricks. If you watch YouTube videos with parrots, you will see that she is always looking forward to meeting another bird to learn something new.

She loves being surrounded by birds and talking about their differences and similarities. Because she grew up among them, she also knows quite a few signs that most birds make sound like “I am hungry, I want food,” or "Look out, there's a snake!"

When she meets another parrot, she does not stop talking for too long before starting to share knowledge and play games. Even when she is sleeping, she can be found dreaming about birds and discussing different species in detail.

Her love of all birds makes her particularly interested in the feathers of others.

Your passion is important

show passion meaning

Being passionate about something means you care deeply about it. You’d go great lengths to strengthen, support or promote it. You’d spend time studying it, investing in it, sharing it with others, and promoting it through social media and other channels.

When your life is spent trying to prove that thing wrong, then it’s probably time to question if that thing is worth the effort.

Passion doesn’t die easily. We sometimes get attached to things because we invest energy into them, but they still want our attention just as much as before.

So how do you know when it’s time to move on?

By using these two rules of thumb:

If you can’t make someone else feel the same way you do about something, it’s not a very strong argument for keeping it – whether you are spending money on it, asking people to like you, or talking about it. It may be time to reevaluate what you're working on.


If you’re no longer excited by it at least once every few days, it's time to consider quitting. If you’ve lost interest, it’s already too late.

We often confuse being lazy or tired with having given up. But giving up isn't motivated by laziness or fatigue — it’s actually due to lack of motivation.

What is good passion?

show passion meaning

Being passionate about something means to really care deeply for it. You will constantly watch it, try to learn more about it, and spend time studying it. You may even talk about it with people who share its interest or use it regularly.

It is not only if you feel like doing things related to that thing, but if you actually want to do these things. If you don’t, then what was the point of having this feeling in the first place!

Having passion for something comes from understanding why it is important to you and how much value it holds for you. It is knowing the difference between wanting something and needing something – we often want things that make us think we are too good or bad for nothing, but essential needs come when you realize you need them to live.

Something that makes you feel great and happy can be considered a passion.

Show passion

Let people know that you are passionate about something by showing it. When was your favorite movie last night? What book did you just finish reading? What song got stuck in your head? If everyone knew how much you loved baking, then start baking!

If someone asked you what you like to do for fun, instead of saying you enjoy watching TV or playing games, say you love baking.

Not only will this inspire others to create their own baked goods, but they can even use some of your recipes! Most important, you’ll feel better knowing you spent time creating something you enjoyed doing.

And while you're at it, try making one of the many recipes you'll find online. They're sure to be a hit!
## is also an easy way to show off your talent. Many companies have departments that cater to bakers and chefs, so why not join them as a member?

You could take classes to learn new cooking techniques or study culinary arts at a university. Or maybe you already know how to bake and want to perfect your tricks. Either way, investing in your culinary skills is a worthy goal!

Being part of the food community is a great way to meet other people who share your passion for eating! And if you ever need help marketing yourself, look into local bakeries, restaurants, and cook clubs.

Give out samples of your creations to gain more followers.

When to show passion

show passion meaning

Let’s look at some examples of when it is appropriate to show passion.

It’s important to remember that unless you are talking about something you know well, things can get tricky. For example, if you were giving an oral presentation for school and there was a lot of talk, then people may assume that you didn’t pay attention in classroom studies. If this happens during your job interview, they might not believe you have done similar presentations before.

If you really do know what you're talking about, don't worry about seeming like you're trying too hard -- showing enthusiasm is always good!

When you feel passionate about something, whether it's work or personal, let yourself show it. Don't hide how you feel no matter what situation you're in.

Generalizations are false statements which describe a large group of individuals or things. They are very common and easy to make because they sound logical.

But they are usually wrong. A generalized statement does not apply to only one person or thing, making it meaningless.

Example: All men are selfish.

To prove my point, put down your book and read the following two sentences. Then compare them.

All dogs are loyal friends.

My dog is friendly but he never tries to eat his own vomit.

I would say that your dog is more likely to try to eat his own vomit than most men are.

How to show passion

show passion meaning

Let’s look at some examples of how you can show strong passion in your life.

I have made it my mission to inspire, motivate and get people with me doing things they never thought they could do. I help individuals find their inner strength and self-confidence, and learn how to achieve their dreams.

It's all about empowering them to believe in themselves and giving them the tools to succeed. By being passionate and invested in something, others will take notice and want what you've got.

Here are some ways to showcase your passion for life and career.

Do something that makes you happy — spend time with those who make you feel good about yourself, invest in relationships that matter, and recognize that success is an individual thing that no one else can give you but yourself.

Take risks – if you're not willing to risk failure, you'll never succeed. In fact, failing is often the best way to figure out what you don't know or need to try something new.

Be curious - explore different paths and opportunities, ask questions, read books, speak up -- nothing worth having was given to you by someone else.

Show passion in your work and in your personal life, and people will see it and be inspired by it. Don’t worry about looking like everyone else, use your voice and stick to your beliefs.

What are the signs of passion

show passion meaning

Being passionate about something includes showing lots of behaviors and emotions related to it. It is not just having it at times, but every time you can think or talk about it with conviction.

When you feel passionate about something, you will know it.

You will experience feelings such as happiness, motivation, excitement, and desire when you engage in activities related to your passion.

It is not just for hobbies — this applies to work too! When you get into that good mood and attitude before coming into work, then you have proof that you care.

If you need a quick boost, try watching a movie or listening to an album you have been wanting to watch or listen to for awhile. Or maybe reading an article about things that matter to you.

This will make you feel more motivated and focused, which makes going to work easier.

How to get someone's attention

show passion meaning

A lot of people have a tendency to underestimate how important it is to really show your passion for something. You see this when people drop an item and they don’t cry or seem too upset about it. They may even go out of their way to replace it, but they never look like they cared that much in the first place.

On the other hand, you will find things happening that make you laugh so hard you can't breathe. Or you'll watch a movie and tears stream down your face because of how strong the emotion is. These are powerful ways to show your passion for something.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by what you're trying to do, take a break and do something that makes you happy. It could be going out for a walk, talking with a friend, or reading a book. Whatever it is, try to spend time doing it as often as possible.

This will help you restore your energy and motivation. Also, spending time doing things you love creates experiences that bring happiness into your life.

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