Show Passion To Learn New Things

December 5, 2022

In our increasingly digital world, there is always something new you can learn or do. Technology moves at a lightning speed, constantly changing and improving how we live and interact with one another.

With all this innovation, however, it can be difficult to stay motivated to pursue educational opportunities and experiences. It’s easy to get distracted by what seems like more exciting things to look into, and forget about everything else that needs your attention.

In fact, in a study conducted by Stanford University, nearly half of all students surveyed said they would drop an academic course if they did not feel passionate about it.

When it comes down to it, some people just don’t seem to care much about learning. They may not fully understand the material, or maybe they simply didn’t find the lesson interesting enough to pay close attention.

It is important to remember that everyone learns differently. Some people quickly pick up concepts while others have to work harder at the same thing for longer. No one method works for everybody!

If someone you know shows no signs of passion for education, try to talk them out of their current state of mind and into thinking about whether they want to give up on their dreams.

Become an expert at something

show passion to learn new things

It’s impossible to achieve your goal if you don’t show any passion for what you want to accomplish. If you don’t feel passionate about the thing, then chances are people will get bored or give up trying to motivate you.

When you put more effort into something, it becomes easier to find time for it. You’ll be much more likely to do it when you enjoy it.

In that way, becoming an expert is really just a matter of investing enough time in doing things you love.

And I think we can all agree that studying and learning new things is fun!

So, how about this challenge? Pick one area that you would like to become better at and dedicate some time every day to practice. Try to spend a few minutes each day practicing whatever you picked.

You could read a book or article on it, watch a YouTube video, chat with someone who is knowledgeable about it, and so on.

As with anything else, as soon as you start moving towards your goal, your sleep will suffer a little bit.

Find your passion and those who feel the same

We are constantly developing our skills, knowledge and understanding through learning and experience. As humans, we thrive when we’re engaged in activities that matter to us, ones we believe in, that use strategies we know, things we can put into practice, and people we admire.

It is important to show an interest in something before you invest time in it. You need to be passionate about it first!

By investing your energy in projects and experiences that motivate you, you will push yourself to learn more of the material and develop additional skills. Plus, you’ll enjoy the process.

Many young professionals don’t spend enough time exploring the possibilities around them. They stick with what they're familiar with and what has worked for them in the past — sometimes even limiting themselves to only their own field or area of expertise.

Hold on to your dreams

show passion to learn new things

Let’s look at some examples of things that are loved by people around us.

I have always loved watching sports. I grew up playing basketball, so I love watching games and listening to football talk. But now that I am older, my favorite sport is hockey!

Not only do I watch the NHL, but I also watch the National Hockey League (NHL) championship tournament called The Stanley Cup Finals.

Why? Because it is an amazing spectacle to see professional athletes play a game they spend hours studying and practicing for. It is like watching dancers or gymnasts perform because they know their moves inside out.

If you want to learn a new skill, then start investing in resources and materials to study how to practice your passion. Then, once you are ready, get into action and show never give up!

Dreams take work, and we will be defeated if we don’t put in the effort to pursue our goals.

Learn to be optimistic

show passion to learn new things

Let's look at some examples. I'll use my own experiences as an example. When I was in high school, I didn't like math.

I got pretty bad grades in it, so I gave up. I never took another course beyond trigonometry, which most people consider a basic math concept but for me wasn't.

It was hard for me to understand how moving numbers around on a page made sense. Eventually I found ways to trick myself into thinking that I understood it, but only barely!

Years later, I learned what they call "math fluency." That is, you learn about the same concepts over and over, but your order may be different. You can also mix and match them, making it easier to remember them.

That's why there are so many variations of addition strategies. It works when you have time because you just drag one number onto the next.

But once you get past simple additions, things start getting more complicated. And that's where I became stuck.

By now, you probably realize that I'm not very good with complex numbers. My friend who told me about that term called it the “wacky” number. 😉

Luckily, I had YouTube to help me. There were lots of videos teaching me new tricks using those pesky crossovers. So I kept practicing and eventually got better.

Challenge yourself

show passion to learn new things

A lot of people are too comfortable in their knowledge or skill sets. They’ve settled into something that they feel good about, so they never push themselves to expand beyond what they already know.

If you feel like you’re starting to show signs of burn-out, it may be time for you to look at things with which you're not familiar with with more enthusiasm. It could be something new like taking up yoga or learning how to bake bestie or maybe moving up levels in your current passion, like reading business books or practicing self-care skills.

By being passionate about what you learn, you'll grow as a person. You'll develop new strengths and lessons along the way that can be applied to other areas of life. And while no one is ever completely knowledgeable, there's always room to get better!

It's totally normal to feel nervous when you start exploring new ideas and skills, but don't let that stop you. You have now been given permission to feel some kind of emotion and that's a great thing.

Get rid of things that hold you back

show passion to learn new things

Let go of your old habits and lose interest in things that no longer bring you happiness or inspiration. If you have been investing time into working on your craft, for example, then it is time to invest more energy into other areas of your life.

If you've got money saved up, then why not spend it on something that will make you happy? Or better yet, use it to pursue your dreams. You'll be much happier than if you were spending all your time struggling with debt and poor savings.

Start looking at your daily routine and see what you can change. Can you find a way to do some of your work remotely so you don't need an expensive home office? Could you try sharing your space with someone else for half of it?

These changes will open up new opportunities, and we always pay most attention to people who are doing different things.

Do not become a internet addict

show passion to learn new things

Let me tell you something about passion. It’s not having an orgasm every day. It’s not being totally immersed in what you are doing all the time. That would make it boring for other people.

Passion is when you put your heart into something, gives everything you have to achieve your goal, and you feel happy after you accomplished that thing.

It is not just a feeling, but a state of mind. You must want this thing intensely, otherwise it will never happen.

And if you do not know how to learn new things, then you cannot really enjoy this passion productively.

You need to be curious, so that you can explore new things. And you need to like learning, so that you do not get bored or give up easily.

But aside from these two points, I believe there is one more important factor behind passionate learning: passion itself.

Be a digital nomad

show passion to learn new things

Being a digital nomad is a great way to learn new things because you are constantly finding new locations that have wifi or where you can connect to the internet via smartphone.

You will also be traveling so you get to explore different cities, countries, and cultures!

There are many ways to make money online and being a traveler makes it easy to find opportunities. You can go through sites and apps like Airbnb to list your house or apartment for rent or use Vayable to sell your current residence and start afresh in a new area.

By adding some extra income into the mix, you’ll feel more motivated to learn something new. Plus, having more money coming in makes it easier to focus on your studies since you don't need to spend much time looking for work.

Another way to earn additional money as a digital nomade is by investing in the stock market. There are several websites and apps which can help you do this, such as Stripe with Investing. Having an investment strategy is another way to learn about how markets operate.

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