Show Passion Towards Crossword Clue

December 27, 2022

As mentioned before, creating crossword puzzles is an excellent way to use your knowledge of language and math. Along with giving you some sort of challenge, it can be quite enjoyable!

Many people begin learning how to make crosswords by solving easy ones. These are typically known as “quick-throw” clues or “busy day” clues because they seem straightforward and do not require too much thought.

These types of clues may give you a sense of satisfaction but they will not help you develop your skills more than simply looking at them for very long.

You should strive to add detail to your answers beyond just using a dictionary. You should consider context, relation, and connotation of each word.

This will take longer to complete, but it is important to know what being given a clue means so that you can apply this theory to other clues.

Crossword books contain many examples of good and bad crosses which have led to different strategies for completing the puzzle. Some say that numbers play a less significant part in solving a crossword, while others believe that they are integral to success.

Enforce correct spelling

As mentioned earlier, knowing the right spellings of common words is a great way to strengthen your crosswording skills. If you are having trouble figuring out the meaning of a word in a clue, look it up! There are many free dictionary apps for mobile phones as well as desktop computers.

Some examples of hard vocabulary that can be tricky to remember include ‘lunar’, ‘epic’ and ‘thematic’. Having a solid base of these toughs words will help you come across like a pro!

And don’t forget about prefixes and suffixes! These are parts of a word that we typically drop when translating between languages. For instance, the prefix ‘hyper-’ means beyond or excessive so a hyperactive person would have too much activity in them. A Thematic Reading is similar, except instead of telling the reader what the book is about, it asks readers to think about something related to the topic and read a few pages.

Try to figure out the clue's theme

show passion towards crossword clue

When you are able to identify the theme of a cross word puzzle, then you have succeeded! The theme is what makes a cross word puzzle interesting.

The theme of most easy puzzles comes down to one word or phrase. These types of clues usually do not require any additional context or understanding. They may even be a very familiar word that you know but can’t seem to place in this particular box.

By using your brain power, you will be able to determine the theme for almost every cross word puzzle. It is worth practicing as there are many ways to achieve this!

The hardest type of cross word puzzles tend to focus more on the use of vocabulary and syntax. This is because they include multiple pieces that need to be put together.

A good way to learn the theme of a new cross word puzzle is to just keep trying until you get it. Don’t worry about whether you got it right, instead just concentrate on applying the correct meaning of each word.

Look up the word in a thesaurus

show passion towards crossword clue

When you look up a word in your dictionary, there is an option to view related words. This is important because a word we use frequently can sometimes mean different things! For example, when people talk about passion they may use it as a noun or verb.

When looking up the word “passion” in a thesaurus, you will see that it is defined both as a noun and a verb. This is why it is so hard to agree on what the definition of passion really is. Some say it is only one thing, while others think it is two separate parts (noun and verb).

This lack of agreement makes sense since humans have such varying ideas of what passion means. No one has ever agreed on what the perfect definition of passion is!

That being said, here are some definitions of the term passion according to online dictionaries.

A strong desire for something made feelings very strong

An intense feeling or emotion

To feel enthusiastic about

To love with all your heart

These are just some examples — not exact definitions. But they do help describe the meaning of the word slightly more.

Substitute with similar words

show passion towards crossword clue

When you are stuck on a cross word clue that requires a new term, there is an easy way to look up the definition of the word!

You can simply switch out the word in the clue with a similarly sounding word and see what the dictionary says about that alternative word.

For example, if your crossword puzzle challenge was to find the meaning of the word “pompous” then you could try looking it up under the word “priggish.”

Not only will this work as a trick to solve the crossword, but it also gives you some great insights into the different definitions of pompous. You get to learn something new!

This article will help you take advantage of this tactic for taming difficult crossword clues. Read on to learn more.

Look up the word in a online dictionary

show passion towards crossword clue

When you look up a word, make sure to do it properly!

There’s no need to assume that the way other people have done so is the correct way to define your chosen word. In fact, there are some very popular ways to define a word that are not the most accurate.

By using an alternative definition instead of the one that makes sense, you could be sending wrong messages to potential users of your crossword clues. For example, when someone looks up the word “proud” in their dictionary, they may choose "feeling happy about something" as the definition.

This doesn't really make much sense because being proud means feeling good about yourself, not about what somebody else has said or done. If this didn’t occur to them then they would probably just use the first part of the definition which is “feelings of superiority or self-importance”.

That wouldn’t necessarily be bad, but it might suggest that the person was more concerned with telling themselves how great they are than encouraging others to reach similar heights. This could easily backfire and hurt their reputation or lead to conflict with others.

Combine with other clues

show passion towards crossword clue

This is one of the hardest to do because typically people already have a vague idea of what the word or phrase means. When you try to apply your passion to this clue, it can be difficult to match that intensity.

By now, you’ve probably noticed how many blogs and websites contain crossword clues. That is definitely a way to gain more inspiration for this challenge!

Many bloggers and website owners use their creativity to describe the intended meaning of the word or phrase they are using as a crossword clue. They may talk about the definition, example uses, or mention something related to the dictionary definition.

These types of clues are very helpful because they give more detail than just the overall term. Having additional information makes solving the puzzle easier.

Making sure to mix up your vocabulary is another way to get extra points for this challenge. Using the right terminology helps make your answers sound authentic.

Reminder: The simpler the better! Never say “x” nor use slang terms when there is no need to. If you feel like using jargon, take the time to look up the word first to see if it has a context.

Hopefully you will continue to inspire yourself by looking through the internet for new ideas and tips.

Reorder the clues

show passion towards crossword clue

When you are stuck on a cross word clue, there is an easy way to get past that barrier! You can simply re-arrange the clues so that the bolded part of the clue becomes the new solution.

The bolded part is called the “cross” or “potential answer” because it represents the possible solution to the problem. By changing this part, you change the meaning of the whole sentence.

By doing this, you will find that your puzzle understanding and creativity soar. You become more imaginative in solving puzzles since you do not have rigid rules for a given word.

Your mind does not lock onto one idea like a claw machine where you spend hours trying to figure out what item you need before giving up. This effect also helps you move on from a clog easily, as you do not have a hard and fast rule about a particular word.

This article will help you learn how to rearrange crossword clue parts and inspire you to use these strategies in your own puzzle solving.

Run spelling tests

show passion towards crossword clue

Spelling is one of the most important skills to have in life. Beyond being able to read, people that are good at spell check also are very intelligent.

There are many ways to learn how to spell correctly!

One way is by running an easy word exercise or a spelling test. There are several websites and apps with easy exercises to do for beginners. Some even give you points or rewards based on how well you spel!

Running a spelling test can be done through the use of flash cards, pictures, words, or even videos. You get to choose which method works best for you!

Another way to improve your spelling is to look up new words. Thesaurus’s help us describe things more accurately so looking up unfamiliar terms can strengthen our vocabulary.

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