Showing Passion

December 5, 2022

It’s extremely hard to motivate people when they don’t feel that you care about them. And it’s even harder to keep them engaged once they sense that you don’t really invest time in them.

This can be particularly true with colleagues or superiors who make no effort to connect with you beyond what is necessary for work.

As a leader, you need to develop relationships that go far deeper than just business connections. You have to invest in your team members as individuals – not just their professional selves but also their personal ones.

It’s great if someone comes across as fun to hang out with at lunchtime, but if they never invite you over for dinner then how will you know they truly like you?

And while most people are usually focused on getting their job done, there are some people whose happiness goes well beyond mere productivity. These are the people who bring life into the workplace and inspire others around them.

They are influencers who set an example by showing extraordinary passion for something. They use this passion to help achieve common goals.

In this article I’ll talk about three such passions and why they matter as leaders.

Let people see you passion

There are many ways to show passion for something, but one of the most effective is letting others know what you believe in and why.

If you truly care about something, if you strive to better yourself because of it, then let your colleagues, friends, family, and even strangers know that by how you act and respond to things.

Show passion through the way you dress, how you groom yourself, and what you share about your beliefs with other people.

This doesn’t mean saying anything bad about other products or companies, but instead talking about how much you love this product or company so far as well as why.

Share experiences you have had from using or owning such products and why they helped you feel more confident or smart.

People will sense whether you are passionate or not about something if you don’t try hard to hide it.

Find your passion

show passion 7 letters

What is passion?

Passion is defined as strong feeling or desire for something that you do not need to have it to exist, but if you lack it, you will feel empty. It is also described as an uncontrollable urge to keep doing things so that they can make you happy.

Many people say that they know what their passions are, but then they lose interest in them because they cannot find proof that they enjoy them.

You can probably guess how this article ends, but let me give you some tips!

There are many ways to determine if there’s more of a passion for you than there already is. You don’t even have to be totally sure that you want to pursue it yet, just making a habit of looking into and exploring possibilities is a great way to discover your strengths.

This article will go over several easy methods to identify your passions.

Do not fake your passion

show passion 7 letters

Let’s look at an example of how easy it is to see someone who doesn’t have their passion mastered.

Many people I talk to don’t seem passionate about anything beyond eating cheeseburgers and drinking beer.

I will often ask them if there are any hobbies they would like to get into, or if there are things they wanted to learn more about, but all I ever hear back is “no, I am just too busy for that.”

If you want to know what makes someone really happy, search out their passion.

You will find it!

Does anyone truly enjoy doing nothing? Now, I realize we can’t always do something we love, but if you are looking to improve your own life, then learning your passion may be one of the most important things you can do.

Finding your passion takes time, so don’t give up – even if you feel like you have given up forever.

Practice makes perfect, and once you master this concept, you can apply it to everything in your life. Believe me, it works wonders.

Be authentic

show passion 7 letters

As mentioned before, being passionate is not always about having huge fire or energy in your body. It can also mean showing an interest in something or someone by spending time with them and demonstrating that you are dedicated to their success.

It can be in the way you dress, how you groom yourself, what you read, etc. All of these things show who you are as person and influence others around you.

When you're trying to get someone else to do something, it is very important that they feel like you are both into the idea and have done some research to make sure it will work for you.

Do not be a show-person

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I will keep this simple and to the point. If you are not passionate about something, do not perform it. You being an artist is dependent upon how invested in your craft you are.

I know it may sound cliché but investing time into what you love will reap vast rewards. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes – The longer you put off putting them on, the less comfortable they will feel.

If you want to see yourself as a successful artist, then start now by investing some time in creating art that you truly care about.

It can be anything from drawing to painting or sculpting, writing poetry or lyrics, designing logos or creative marketing materials, composing music…the list goes on!

By having passion for the medium you use, people will notice and appreciate the work you have done. Make sure your passion is clearly visible at all times.

Be natural

show passion 7 letters

Let’s look at some examples of people who communicated passion with ease.

I have read several books about how to be more passionate, or how to feel more passionate about things. All of them agree that one must be natural when talking about things you are passionate about.

They also recommend being familiar with what you are passionate about so that you can talk about it more easily.

And while they do not say this, I think we get kind of a sense when someone is really passionate about something from looking into their eyes and seeing all the signs of intensity.

So, if you want to show greater passion for something, then try doing just that – show strong signs of passion. And watch as others respond to your passion.

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