Tamadoge confirms NFT launch this week

October 3, 2022

Tamadoge, a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain that enables players to breed, combat, and mint Tamadoge pets in the metaverse, has announced plans to introduce its new non-fungible token (NFT) collection this week.

On October 6th, the project intends to release their first NFT drop, according to their official website, tamadoge.io, Players' in-game assets in Tamadoge's favorite verse, "Tamaverse," will be formed by the eagerly awaited Tamadoge NFTs.

Tamadoge Will Release New NFTs

After successfully generating 19 million USDT in its token presale in a record-breaking eight weeks, Tamadoge gained notoriety last month. Since then, Tamadoge has gained popularity and is sweeping the bitcoin and NFT communities.

A limited edition of 21,100 NFTs, digital collectibles divided into three categories—Ultra-rare, Rare, and Common—will be included in Tamadoge's future NFT collection.

Each Tamadoge NFT will have special qualities and skills that will let players play the game and advance up the leaderboard to earn $TAMA prizes. After the main Tamadoge metaverse game launches, every Tama parent (owner of a Tamadoge) will get a puppy version of their NFT. The early beta gaming for Tamadoge's fighting app game will be made available in the next weeks.

On October 6, Tamadoge will discontinue its ultra-rare NFTs


Tamadoge plans to release its Ultra-rare NFTs on Thursday. These NFTs will have more awareness, agility, and speed, providing owners a boost in all metrics so they may move up the leaderboard and earn more prizes.

The waiting for Tamadoge's Rare and Common NFT collections has been reduced, and those two NFT collections are expected to be live shortly. Compared to Common Tamadoge NFTs, Rare Tamadoge NFTs will have slightly improved stats.

The native cryptocurrency of Tamadoge, Tama, has responded favorably to the NFT decline and other news, pumping by more than 150% over the previous weekend. On the cryptocurrency platform OKX, Tama launched its debut exchange offering on September 27.

Later that day, Tama obtained a listing on Uniswap, and on September 30th, Bitmart. Tama began trading at $0.03 when it first went public. As of publication, Tama is consolidating around $0.07.

Thanks to Dominic Kimani at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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