Ten Tips For Happy Productive Remote Working

April 6, 2021

I've worked remotely for quite some time now, and have learned a lot along the way.

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to be more productive, so I've decided to share some of those tips here.

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1. If it doesn't make your life better, don't do it

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A business colleague of mine has a saying:

If it doesn't make your life better, don't do it.

You don't need a profound answer to this question, but one that's good enough is:

"What would you do with a million dollars?"

I think this is a pretty good guide to what you should and shouldn't do with your money.

I've decided not to invest in anything that doesn't make my life better. I'm not trying to get rich, and I don't need the money.

But when you do what makes your life better, you are also keeping yourself happier.

2. Work with people you love

Part of my happiness is having friends and colleagues who are dedicated to helping others.

Recently, I've been really interested in combining this with something else I've recently learned:

How I can be happier by spreading happiness.

This is something I'm currently researching. But I am also not trying to get rich, and I don't need the money.

But when you do what makes your life better, you are also keeping yourself happier.

3. Give up one goal every week

This is a very simple technique, but it makes a big difference.

This was recommended to me by author Neal Stephenson. I'm not sure how many times he has done it, but it is a good way to really think about what you want and ask yourself:

"What is the thing that I want most in the world? What is the thing that will make me happy at this moment?"

Think about that answer. Is that a goal you want to strive for every day? Is that a goal you want to work towards every day?

Once you've got the answer, then you have to decide to let it go.

You don't have to be an empty-nester in mourning, it's not a life-altering decision, just a decision to let go of something that does not bring you joy.

4. Be connected, not lonely

International Women’s Day

People work so much these days that they can become very isolated. I've lost touch with people I haven't spoken to for months.

This is horrible!

If you're too far away to meet, you can work from anywhere and work remotely, which means you can still have human relationships with your friends and colleagues.

When you let go of one thing every week, you will feel happier.

5. Keep people around you who make you happy

It's nice to have people around you who are always happy, positive, and upbeat, but in order to become better and happier, we need to get rid of people who cause our stress.

I have an amazing team of hardworking colleagues who make me feel happy, and who help me work on my own motivation.

I think you should have a great team, too.

6. Do the things that bring you the greatest joy

Who are the people around you who bring you the greatest joy?

These people are the people who make you feel the happiest and most alive.

Maybe these are the people who give you advice that challenges you and makes you want to think and act differently.

Maybe these are the people who make you laugh so hard that you pee a little.

Whatever your answer, make sure that you spend time with these people regularly, and that you work towards spending time with the people who make you happiest.

7. Don't worry about making a lot of money

Money is nothing. Money is noise. Money is a distraction.

Money is only meaningful when you use it to improve your life.

Don't ever think of making money as a goal. Your money should not be your goal, your job is your goal.

I use what I earn to help people and make them happy, and when I can, I use it to help people who can't help themselves.

8. Don't compare yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy. If you are happy with who you are and where you are, what do you have to complain about?

In order to make your life better, you have to compare yourself to someone who has the same goals and the same hopes and dreams, but who has not yet achieved them.

This is a real trap. Do not fall into it.

We all make excuses about why we don't have time to do these things and we all should not.

9. Be positive, not pessimistic

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Change your attitude towards life, and you change your life.

When you don't have a good attitude towards life, it is hard to be happy.

When you wake up and it's freezing cold, and you haven't showered in a couple of days, and the dog ran away again, you will be angry and stressed.

If you look at it like it's not all that bad and instead of asking what you can change, ask what you can change to make it better, it will be a little easier.

10. Say yes to the things that make you happy

Make a conscious decision to say yes to things that make you happy.

Turn your misery into joy. Turn your sadness into happiness.

This is your life and you are the only one who can change your life.

The quicker you do this, the happier you will be and the quicker your life will turn around.

An attitude shift is possible and it takes practice, but it is worth it.

When you are happy, you can change the world around you. Your potential is limitless.

It doesn't matter where you are from or what you look like, as long as you believe in yourself and you can change your life.

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