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November 23, 2022

The passion play is an incredible spectacle that has been taking place every year since 1833 outside of Oberammergau, Germany. It is not only entertaining to watch, but it also teaches important lessons about faith and Christianity.

The passion play takes places over several days during Easter week. Each day features different scenes depicting events from the life of Jesus Christ.

Some of these events are set during the time period when Jesus was alive while others take place after his death. At the end of each performance, Christians praise God for His glory and for what He did for Jesus.

Tickets to see the passion play in Oberammergau can range anywhere from very expensive to much less than cost price. This article will talk more about how ticket prices vary depending on where you live and how popular the play is.

The Passion Play

In 1834, at the age of 28, German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder created his most famous work: The Stations of the Cross. He spent eight years painting these 13 scenes depicting events from Jesus’ last week on earth before he was crucified.

The stations are arranged in order by time period (from before Christ’s crucifixion through the days immediately after) and location (the temple, the house where they lived, the street corner, and so forth). They all but leap out of the canvas with dramatic intensity.

In fact, one could say that every figure in each scene is screaming or crying intensely for help. Each character seems possessed by their emotions — something we can relate to today. We feel emotional about many things sometimes.

Furthermore, there are no clear heroes or villains here; only people who seem motivated by love or hatred towards others. It’s hard to tell what will happen next because nothing happens logically. You never know if someone will try to stab you or kiss you.

We get some sense of how powerful emotion can be when Jesus hangs on the cross. Here he pleads desperately to save himself while those around him argue whether it’s worth it. But then he accepts his death like a true hero would.

Who is Oberammergau?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

Oberammergau (sometimes called Ammermühle) is an ancient Bavarian village that has been celebrating its most famous festival for over 200 years now, The Easter Festival of St. Joseph. This festival happens every year during Holy Week when all of Germany comes together to watch a single play, The Crucifixion.

The play itself is quite long and takes around two hours to see. However, what makes this event so special is not only how spectacular it is but also how affordable it can be if you do your research.

The story behind the play

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

This is not your average religious show. In fact, it’s so far outside of the box that some people can’t even recognize it as a show at all. Many call it performance art or theater-meets-religion.

The play you are about to see takes place during the last week of Lent in the year 1833. It’s set in the small town of Oberammergau, located just north of Bavaria in Germany.

During this time period, many Protestants were growing increasingly agitated with the power held by Catholics in German society. They wanted change, and they wanted it now!

Protestants made their voices heard when Emperor Franz I declared himself “Pope” back in 1770. Since then, he has been referred to as the first modern pope.

While his predecessors focused on spiritual matters, Pope Franz was very involved in politics. He supported political reforms, which didn’t sit well with most Germans who felt Catholicism had already given them enough opportunities.

He also played an important role in bringing France into the French Empire, making him unpopular in both countries. When he died in 1840, there were no plans for a funeral because nobody knew what to make of his death.

Oberammergau lies 40 kilometers west of Munich, across the border from Austria. Because of its proximity to two big cities, tourism has always been strong here.

Things to do in Oberammergau

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

There are many things you can do while visiting Oberammergau. You can take tours of the area, visit museums or spend time at local attractions such as the Fairytale Forest.

Many people enjoy spending time outside exploring the beautiful surroundings. Some like to go hiking or cycling. Others just want to relax after a day of sightseeing.

There is so much to see and do in Oberammergau that it really is impossible to do everything. If you would like to try new experiences, there are plenty of ways to get inspiration for where to go.

Visiting the town

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The most popular activity for tourists visiting Oberammergau is taking a tour of the surrounding area. These tours usually cost around 10-15 euros per person, and last between one and two hours.

Many people choose to take this tour before or after their visit to the Passion play. Some even combine both experiences onto a single trip!

The areas commonly visited during these tours include Bad Reichenhall (for thermal baths) and nearby villages such as Freising, Kitzingen and Lenggries.

These places are all within easy reach of Oberammergau, and there are frequent regional bus services connecting them. Many hotels also offer free local tourist information so it’s not hard to find out what things to do while you’re here!

In addition to giving you an overall taste of the region, some buses go directly past the theatre where the play takes place so you can get a good look at it without paying extra for a ticket.

Go to the Passion Play

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The next time you are planning on going to see the passion play in Oberammergau, or any other spectacular live performance for that matter, consider how much it costs to attend!

Many people may feel like attending large scale events is very expensive, but this perception is mostly due to the fact that they include buying tickets and traveling to the event.

Tickets to the passion plays in Oberammergau usually cost around 30 Euros (30 US dollars) per person. This includes the theater, the food, and all of the entertainment!

This can add up quickly if there’s more than two people in your group. But don’t worry, even though the price is high, it is still quite affordable.

We have found many ways to enjoy the rest of our day while spending a reasonable amount of money.

Tips for visiting Oberammergau

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The best time to visit Oberammergüc is during the winter season or late spring/early summer, when the mountains are not as warm and lush.

Oberammerguc does get very crowded around Easter (the week before and after Palm Sunday), between September and October, and at Christmas. If you’re looking to avoid large crowds, these times aren’t ideal!

June through August is probably your best bet if you want to see the play without too many tourists. You will have more room to move about, there won’t be as many people walking down the same street, and it's less likely that you’ll run into someone who traveled with the tour group earlier in the year.

You can take the train from Munich via Freising to Bad Tölz-Stockerndorf where you’d then connect by bus to Oberammergau. Or, stay overnight in either town so you don’t have to worry about getting back home early. Both towns offer great dining and accommodation options.

If possible, try to arrive outside of peak tourist seasons; this gives you more chance of seeing and doing things unnoticed.

Traveling to Oberammergau

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The town of Oberammergau is very popular during the Easter season, as it is home to one of the greatest religious spectacles in the world — the annual Easter Sunday performance of The Holy Family by the Benedictine Monks at their monastery.

The spectacle has been performed every year since 1804 (with only two years where there was no production) and lasts for eight hours! During that time, over 2 million people watch more than 1,000 performers perform on stage.

Oberammergau is located about five hours north of Munich, Germany in the Bavarian Alps. It is easily accessible via train or car. There are many hotels close to the monastery so even if you can’t stay there, you will be nearby.

There are also several restaurants near the monastery so you won’t feel too isolated while waiting for the next show. And don’t forget to make use of the local tour companies and attractions, some offer early morning tours to see the area before most tourists arrive.

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