Tips For Improving Your Rap Voice

March 26, 2021

Your voice is the most important component of your musical repertoire. It’s what gets you invited to the party, what gets the crowd going, and what makes your song memorable to your fans.

It’s hard to know what you sound like until you try to be heard.

When trying to rap, there are two parts to the voice that make it unique, the mouth and the head. This article discusses them in detail to help you improve your own vocal presentation.

To put it simply, your mouth is how you speak and your head is how you listen.

Your mouth is the area of your face where sound waves come through. This is why breathing is so important in the rap voice; the rapping tends to drown your head voice.

Learn how to talk to the man inside the club

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Your mouth can move very fast, but it can’t create the voice you need without your head. Your head determines what’s going to be the next line or what sound is going to come out of your mouth.

It’s like a singer having a great voice, but not being able to use the correct vibrato, they sound flat. The same concept applies to your voice; you can’t rap with a great voice without also having a great mouth.

To create a dynamic sound, you need to have a good mouth to connect with your listeners. Let’s go over some important tips that you can use to develop a good head voice:

Practice anesthesia

Tuning up your mouth will be the first step, but you need to be even more aware of your head. It’s also important to keep it clean and clear to make sure it’s ready to capture the sound.

There are certain ways you can make your head more expressive:

  • Raise your eyebrows
  • Be expressive of your lips
  • Be patient with your rapping
  • Be specific and descriptive

This helps you connect with your listeners, but it’s not enough. Your head needs to be even more reactive to your words.

Be grateful for your voice

It’s important to know that even though you’re never going to be a Beyoncé or an Adele, you still have a voice. An awesome voice that you can use to captivate people. It’s as much a part of you as your face.

When singing, whether it’s rap or a song that involves singing, use all of your voice. Don’t hold back.

Keep the tempo high and sing with emotion. Sing from the heart, so when your audience hits the beat, they feel it.

What makes a good rap voice?

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You might be surprised to hear that there’s a formula for having a great rap voice.

The way you move your mouth is often the most important aspect. It’s a mixture of the head and the mouth.

You can have a great voice and a terrible mouth, but it’s not going to work when you rap.

Let’s go over some tips to get you started on improving your rapping voice:

  • Breath at the proper frequency
  • Use your tongue to distinguish between vowels and consonants
  • Make sure your tongue is as big as possible
  • Maintain your throat
  • Use your chest to produce a more powerful sound
  • Read your lips

To get a good rapping voice, you need to keep your head clean, but you also need to understand what it’s doing.

It can’t be too quiet because your mouth can’t work to create volume, but it also can’t be too loud because your head won’t allow it.

The key to having a great rapping voice is to make sure both areas work together. It’s not just a one-dimensional equation.

You need to keep both your mouth and your head in sync, so you sound dynamic and energetic.

A good rule of thumb is that your voice needs to be at a 45-degree angle to the way you talk. Don’t try to balance your mouth and your head, though.

Your mouth has to be aural and your head has to be physical.

You’re supposed to move and talk with one, so the two should be symmetrical. What’s more, the same thought pattern applies to your head.

If you’re keeping your jaw clamped tight, then your head shouldn’t do the same. Your head should be able to rotate independently and produce vibration to create a distinct voice.

But not all words are equal, so you need to be specific with your wording. Your mouth needs to be expressive, but it can’t be melodramatic.

You want to be careful with your words because that’s what makes your rapping voice work.

Use rhymes, but don’t just pump them out


Pumping out rhymes is another way to have a great rap voice, but you also need to know how to turn them into verses. Rhymes should be placed at appropriate intervals and should be used effectively.

There should be power behind each word, but they shouldn’t sound forced or dramatic.

Power in your rhymes will give your rapping voice a sense of excitement.

If you’re going to be saying things like, “My bone tasted like old Ramen noodles,” then your rhymes can’t sound forced or overly emotional.

It’s best to keep your rhymes simple and the words on your tongue, which will help convey your message.

Also, you want to make sure that the rhymes are the right length. Your voice needs to be clear and powerful, but it needs to be deliberate.

Not all rhymes need to be filled with redundancy.

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