Tips For Improving Your Short Term Memory

March 31, 2021

Short Term Memory is a type of memory. You probably already know how to use short-term memory.

You can store things in your short-term memory, but only for a short period of time.

Short-term memory is often referred to as immediate memory because you can remember anything you write or type almost immediately.

Your memory allows you to retrieve things from your short-term memory much faster than long-term memory.

When you want to remember things, a signal from your short-term memory sends a signal to your long-term memory.

To make a long-term memory, your brain has to activate the long-term memory by producing another signal.

Do you remember what you just wrote? You’ll remember this phrase much easier if you write it and reread it, but you’ll forget it if you just think about it.

This is why we need to create new long-term memories.

Now that we know how to improve our short-term memory, here are some suggestions.

Tip #1. Practice these 7 brain training exercises every day

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Brain training exercises are a great way to improve your short-term memory.

Here are 7 brain training exercises you can do.

  1. Brilliant tip. Start here and take 15 minutes. Now add 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  2. Read the news or articles once or twice a day.
  3. Write down things you need to remember to perform a task and practice doing them.
  4. Think about a friend who has a common name (for example, John or Charles) and try to remember it. Repeat it whenever you need to, say, or address them.
  5. Write down a new sentence or problem that you would like to solve. Write about the problem for 15 minutes, then practice solving it.
  6. Take a brain dump. This is when you simply write down everything you have ever been thinking about. You might think of some good questions to ask.
  7. Act on a thought. Often when you are thinking about a problem, you will also have a solution in mind. Now, try acting on this solution.

Tip #2. Keep your phone on you

This is an easy tip that will help you remember things you need to do and the answers you need to ask. The next time you need to remember something, turn to your phone and remind yourself of it.

People sometimes say: “I need to write down my phone number.” If you keep your phone next to you, you will never forget your phone number.

Have you ever tried to memorize your car’s phone number? You can’t remember it for the life of you, can you?

A smartphone will remind you if you forget something important, such as your car’s phone number.

This is a great way to keep track of things you want to remember. Here’s a list of helpful apps you can download to help you remember things.

Tip #3. Get organized

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Organizing and structuring things is another way to remember them. You can set up a filing system in your house or your office to keep track of your important documents.

Or you can set up a system in your email account or keep track of important information in a spreadsheet.

We use Google Calendar to keep track of appointments. You can set a reminder for yourself to send emails you need to write.

You can even create recurring events so that you never forget to write an important email or send an important email.

By organizing and structuring things, you can remember more of them.

Tip #4. Make a list of everything you need to remember and use a notebook

This is my favorite tip of all time. If you write everything down in a list, you will remember it better than if you try to remember it.

My favorite notebook is a spiral-bound notebook. I also have a cute orange notebook I use to write down lists.

I also use this notebook to write down quotes or words that jump out at me.

I like to use several notebooks for each task I do. You can use one for lists, another for writing down memories, another for brainstorming, another for notes, and so on.

Another way to organize your notes is to make a notebook full of blank pages. Then, once you start writing in it, you can fill in the blank pages with whatever you want.

Tip #5. Organize your calendar

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If you want to remember anything, you need to organize it.

There are so many calendars you can use. For example, I use a free calendar on Google Calendar. You can sync it with your smartphone so that you can see reminders on the go.

You can even use Google Calendar to make your own meetings.

You can also use different calendar apps, such as Outlook or iCal.

Other popular calendar apps include Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and Webex Calendar.

Tip #6. Work on improving your memory

There’s no point in trying to remember the entire book of Matthew, only to forget the numbers one through seven when you need to remember which one is missing.

It’s better to focus on the specific things you want to remember, such as that one number or that one word that you need to remember.

The more focused you are on something, the better it is for your memory.

I use a to-do list app to track my tasks and to-dos. To-Doist is one of my favorite to-do list apps. You can also use Things.

Another way to improve your memory is to work on being more efficient with your time. Learn how to use technology and improve your life at the same time.

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