Top Business Books of All Time that You Should Read ASAP

April 18, 2019


Before you take that final entrepreneurship leap and launch your own business, it’s important to educate yourself first.

There are so many factors to consider, from how to invest your earnings to how to make your employees feel valued.

You might think that reading a couple of only business-related books will help you grow a successful company, but there are a few more books worth reading.

Some of the books mentioned below might not seem business-related at first. But in reality, they’ll help you to find investors, attract clients, and build a successful team. Enjoy reading these top business books of all time:


1. Think and Grow Rich! by Napoleon Hill

After researching how billionaires keep and grow their finances, Napoleon Hill came up with the lifestyle and philosophy behind those who truly experienced entrepreneurial success and could boast about their enormous incomes.

Even though the aim of Napoleon Hill was to help people to become billionaires through coaching, Think and Grow Rich! is a book that encourages people to stick to their own perspective plans and goals.

2. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Ask any successful entrepreneur whether or not they've read Dale Carnegie’s books at least once and they would tell you yes. The time-tested and rock-solid pieces of advice Dale Carnegie gave in his books have already helped millions of successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

the best business books

Not only does this book help in business life, but in personal life as well. In this book, How to Win Friends & Influence People, you will find tips on how to make others like you, change people’s opinions without fighting and resentment, win others to your way of thinking, and many other useful tricks.

3. The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton M. Christensen states that the book The Innovator's Dilemma will change the way you do business. Even if you don’t do business yet, reading this revolutionary book is worth your time and effort.

You’ll find both failures and successes from leading companies and use them as your source of knowledge and inspiration. In this book, you’ll find a set of simple rules and information about capitalizing on disruptive innovation or technology.

How can this book help you? For instance, Steve Jobs used The Innovator's Dilemma as an explanation for a single reason why Apple had to embrace the well-known cloud computing and is often linked to both Jeff Bezos and Jobs.

4. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Warren Buffett, a popular business magnate, calls The Intelligent Investor the "best book on investing ever written." The author of the book, Benjamin Graham, is the greatest investment advisor of the 20th century who inspired and taught a lot of people around the world.

The philosophy of Benjamin Graham of "value investing" protects investors from making substantial mistakes and teaches them to create long-term and efficient strategies. This has made The Intelligent Investor the stock market business bible ever since its first publication dating back to 1949.

Top Business Books of All Time

5. Understanding Business by William Nickels, James McHugh, and Susan McHugh

Understanding Business is a great introductory book on how to launch and develop business with a detailed description of the basic principles and tricks.

The book is part of a well-known learning program, which is focused on improving the general understanding of entrepreneurial concepts and how to apply them in the business world.

Today, the book is considered as a top-quality training and learning resource for those striving to launch their businesses. Probably the best thing about Understanding Business is that it explains complex concepts in a simple way.

6. Money Makers: Inside the New World of Finance and Business by David Snider and Chris Howard

Money Makers provides a detailed glimpse in a few of the most selective fields of business, such as hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, investment banking, management consulting, and others.

There are insights from the exclusive interviews of successful leaders, making this book a wonderful resource for people interested in gaining a basic knowledge of those competitive fields in finance.

You’ll find some secret workings of finances and facts about what it takes to grow a successful business.

7. The Hard Thing About Hard Thing by Ben Horowitz

It’s not hard to launch a business; it’s hard to grow it and keep it successful. Even if you manage to develop a successful company, it’s important to know how to maintain that success.

The author of the book mentioned his personal experience of launching, managing, buying or selling a company, and how to invest correctly.

Top Business Books of All Time

There are an array of topics covered in The Hard Thing about Hard Things including the psychology of growing business, hiring or firing employees, including close acquaintances or friends, and professional decision-making skills.

8. Bill Gates: Business Lessons by Michael Winicott

In this book, you’ll find out the life lessons of one of the most successful individuals in the world, Bill Gates. You’ll learn the secret to coping with challenges and obstacles successfully and balancing personal life and business.

The book includes the details about Bill Gates' life journey and provides insights into his thinking abilities as he met challenges and worked hard to deal with them.

Bill Gates: Business Lessons educates, motivates, and inspires thousands of new businessmen, multi-million entrepreneurs, and ordinary people from all areas of life. If you’re afraid of obstacles related to startups, this book is for you.

9. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Have you ever wondered why some companies fail to grow despite hard work and smart investing while others develop without any significant amount of effort? Good to Great will answer this question.

You’ll learn a similar pattern from famous companies that went from good to great thanks to stringently defined criteria. The book is highly recommended for CEOs and managers and those planning to launch a corporation.

There are many useful business books but some of them aren’t worth your time. Start your business journey with these nine books. But don't stop there. As an entrepreneur, you should never educate yourself. Knowledge is an enormous power, after all, and it's yours for the taking. 

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