Types Of Passion Card

December 26, 2022

A few years back, it was very difficult to find examples of people who had significant passion and career success in their lives.

Now, with the ease of access to information via the internet and media, it is impossible to go through our days without seeing stories or reading articles about someone who left their job behind and started something new that they are passionate about.

These individuals made the effort to pursue their dreams, which includes investing time into them, so why can’t you?

It is believed that we will all feel some type of passion at some stage in our lives, but most people don’t take action to fulfill that desire until it is too late.

When we are in our twenties, there are usually not enough commitments to make it matter. In your thirties, it is more likely to be lack of money as a constraint. The forties and fifties are typically when things start to slow down, and if you aren’t careful you end up retiring!

The sixties and beyond are the golden age for pursuing passions, but only if you are willing to put in the work to achieve them. It is important to know what types of passions will help you climb out of the rut you may find yourself in, and how to motivate yourself to pursue those passions.

This article will talk about 5 different types of passsions and how each one benefits you as an individual and a business owner.

The passion card shows enthusiasm

types of passion card

A few years ago, there was an interesting pattern with the cards in the Deck. You would get three or four Strength cards every year. These were usually related to career and financial success, but they always made you feel strong – even if you don’t necessarily agree with their perspective!

Then we got The Emotional Line around 2010. One of these was Forgiveness which makes sense because we are all entitled to that feeling at times. But what happens afterwards? Most people stop forgiving each other and things go horribly wrong.

The next major shift came in 2012 when we had the Foundation Chakra and then the Intuition Chakra. Both of those asked you whether you felt like you were living in your own personal world or if others could see right through you.

In this case, “living in your own world” means not trusting anyone else, and thus no one can help you move forward. Or maybe you over-rely on them and end up being hurt more than before. It will also keep you isolated, which is never good.

This past May, we got another new chakra — the Heart Chakra. This one asks whether you feel love for yourself. If you do not, it can be difficult to trust anything else or put energy into anything else.

The passion card shows interest

types of passion card

When you feel this card show, it can be about anything – from things you know or learn, to hobbies and creative expressions you desire to add into your life, to things that make you happy and stress-free, to spending money in ways that bring a smile onto your partner’s face.

All these examples are related to passion because they all indicate an underlying current of excitement that comes from what you're engaging with.

Your subconscious mind will always pick up on such impulses. They originate from within you, and then get translated into action by your ego (the part of you that feels like you).

This doesn't mean that your ego is bad — it's just not as strong as yours! [insert joke here]

The reason why some people lack passion is due to weakness in their ego. If someone else's success makes you jealous or insecure, then that weakens your own self-confidence. You start thinking more about yourself than others, which eventually leads to you quitting doing things you want to do.

By trying new things, you boost your confidence in yourself, so next time you decide to quit, you'll have even stronger reasons for being motivated.

The passion card shows determination

types of passion card

In the passion cards, you can see that your person is very determined or focused on something. They are going after what they want with strength and motivation.

This could be because they have been trying to achieve this goal for a long time now, or it could be because it has just recently become important to them. Either way it’s an inspiring sight to watch.

When someone is passionate about something, it usually comes through in their behavior. You may have noticed people who seem totally invested in their work. They show incredible dedication as they put in lots of effort into it.

That's part of why it is so hard to keep yourself from investing in things when you need inspiration. Because if there was ever a moment to get inspired, it is now! Before you know it, you will find yourself invested too.

The passion card shows an approach to life

types of passion card

This is one of the major cards in the Life Clarity Series. It suggests having an attitude or way of living that brings you joy and happiness. You can bring this into your life by choosing to add new things into it, changing what you are doing, or just making changes to eliminate something that no longer works for you.

The thing about this card is that it does not tell you how to feel, it tells you who you were meant to be and give you guidance towards becoming them. Yours truly has a few examples here where she talks more about this card.

The passion card shows the way

types of passion card

A few years ago, there was an uproar about the “Passion” cards. These cards feature a picture of someone with their face pressed close to the eye area of another person. Some people called it bullying or exploitative because the person being stared into has no choice but to reciprocate.

I feel this analogy is very fitting for what we are talking about in this article!

Just like the passion cards, some types of yoga pose can seem uncomfortable at first. I remember my initial reactions to many poses such as downward facing dog, cat-and-cow, and other hip openers.

These practices took time to get comfortable and even now, you may not always fully enjoy them. That’s totally okay!

Yoga isn’t just about having fun all the time. It’s about exploring different depths of relaxation and engagement. Just like those initial awkward yoga moves, some things take time to feel good.

When you find a practice you love, give yourself permission to relax and focus solely on your experience without trying to make it look a specific way.

The passion card shows the future

types of passion card

A passionate life is worth living and chasing because you will find true happiness in what you do. You will enjoy your daily activities, from cleaning to cooking to talking to people around you to achieving your goals and dreams.

Your career can make or break how happy you are at home. Your income is a factor in determining the level of happiness that you have but overall, your job can help bring about more happiness in your personal life.

A few examples show that being engaged in what you do is a key component in feeling happier. Business majors feel happier than social work students after graduation as business students get success through motivating themselves and others through their careers. Students in the social work field often feel overqualified for jobs due to the nature of the profession- they need to go into working with difficult people!

Not only does your career influence your mood, but also yours of others around you. If someone else close to you feels that his or her career is important and satisfying, this will motivate them to keep pushing forward when they might otherwise be inclined to give up.

This could be changing departments or even quitting — if they don’t believe in themselves then who will? Being part of a team that believes in each other is an excellent way to inspire the rest of the group.

The passion card shows how to inspire others

types of passion card

A few years ago, I read an interesting book about personal success. In it, the author discussed what types of passions you have as human beings. He broke down this information into three major categories: career, creative, and social passions.

He said that most people are limited in their potential growth because they don’t develop any one of these three important qualities. Most people choose a career path or artistic expression or friendship that makes them feel good for a little while, but never push beyond those boundaries.

They never strive to achieve more than that with their lives. It is very limiting.

It’s like when someone who loves eating only food she/he has prepared a hundred times walks by a restaurant full of delicious looking dishes every day. They might eat one mouthful if someone paid them enough money, but they wouldn’t go back and say ‘I should try cooking something new today!’

That would be a bigger change than just saying ‘I will cook dinner tonight’ once or twice.

The passion card shows how to enhance your passion

types of passion card

In the recent past, there was talk of what people considered to be the “passion” card. This seems to have faded away, however. People seem to agree that the Magician is the most powerful version of this card. Why? Because it is easy to see why this person would want to increase their passions- they are good at it!

The more you use things that bring you joy, the more you will enjoy them. For example, someone who enjoys baking might invest in a very expensive oven so they can bake with lots of flavor and variety. They love baking because of all the different tastes and smells it creates, not necessarily for the money part.

This way, they do not feel too invested in the material aspect of the recipe, but rather the process itself. Investing in the oven makes them happy, which helps make the next batch even happier.

There is an underlying truth here that we can apply to other areas of our lives. If you are not investing in things that make you happy, then you are investing in missing out on some important parts of yourself. You may also notice that your happiness levels are low – which does not bode well for overall wellness.

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