We Need To Treat Others With Respect

April 6, 2021

There are some cultural issues we are dealing with in the culture that we need to be mindful of.

Often when we say something or do something, we are told, “but you have never been abused.”

But this statement does not make sense. We live in a society that has this idea that the exception makes the rule. I believe the vast majority of our society lacks respect for other people.

I am a Christian and I know from a Christian perspective we are to respect and love people.

But, if we think about it and put this into a spiritual perspective we have to love people not in a relational way but in a spiritual way.

When we think about it in that way we should be able to think of how we should treat others and have the heart to love them in a spirit of true love.

The lesson

Crop unrecognizable black man holding rainbow bracelet

When we think about treating others with respect we need to remember that this is a gift that Jesus has given us and we should put Him first.

When we treat others with respect we can see how they feel when we do something that does not make them feel respected.

We should be able to see how others feel when we disrespect them and not hide this from them. This can show that we care and that we love others.

So, how can we have respect for others?

A group of friends at a coffee shop

Respect for other people is seen as a way of caring for people. When we respect people, it shows that we think about how people feel and what they need.

When we treat people with respect it shows that we understand the people around us are on the same team as us and we all need to come together as a team and work together.

We need to treat others with respect because it shows that we care.

The next thing we need to realize is that all people need to be respected and no person does not deserve to be respected and cared for.

The people who deserve to be respected are those who have given something to the world. Think about the artist who has put their whole heart and soul into what they have made.

And they are respected because they have given something to the world.

We also need to remember that some people are better than others. Some people can receive and give respect more readily than others.

We need to be cautious about the people that we are around because some people may be able to give respect but will not be able to give it to others.

We need to treat them with respect because they are worth it and we will be blessed by the way they treat us.

The final thing we need to realize is that we need to respect others because Jesus has given us the gifts of love and respect to show that we love Him and that we are in agreement with what he has taught us.

When we treat others with respect we will feel loved and the love will flow through us to others.

Where it falls short

This shot was taken during a roadtrip with a couple of friends in the Dolomites. This pretty much sums up the lovely adventures we had over there – just us (and some beers) in the mountains for one week. Although it is just a snapshot, it captures a true, precious moment of togetherness and friendship.

When you attempt to show your respect to a person, and this person responds with ingratitude or disrespect, we must be able to react politely.

It is never acceptable to respond with disrespect to someone, especially in the presence of others.

If you begin to show the same level of disrespect and ingratitude as this person, you will always be a fool.

Respect is how a person treats you. It is how you must treat them.

If you need a reminder of this, observe children. They go through a stage where they don’t talk to anyone or everyone.

When they are ready to talk, they do. Then, they must be properly supervised.

This is the stage of life that children go through. It is an important stage, and if they show disrespect, it is important to correct their behavior.

I am no expert on this topic, and I am very familiar with parents who push their children’s age too far in this respect, by putting them in clearly dangerous situations.

This often results in children being seriously injured or killed, or other, even worse, tragedies.

All that parents can do, is to keep an eye on their children and keep them out of the eye of other adults. If you cannot do this, then you should have your children taken away from you immediately.

In the realm of humor, we often like to laugh at others’ mistakes, especially when we think that they are idiots.

When you really look at the situation, you see that the mistake is not theirs, it is yours.

It is something you may have done, but it was done to you, not by you. You were not the one making a mistake.

The same goes for respect. It is our job to show people respect, and then we have to be able to respond civilly.

When you are pushed to the brink, and you are forced to react in a manner that is courteous and respectful, you will be making progress.

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