Weekly Update, 12/16/18

December 16, 2018

For Peak Performance, Training Should be Tailored to Body Type

A recent BBC report on the importance of genetics to athletic prowess offers a compelling insight into how our bodies can dictate responses to different types of physical activity.

Genetics do not determine overall athletic talent, but they do determine body type and composition. The three main body types, mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph, are the stuff of middle school health class. And despite seeming overly simplistic, these classifications can be used to better determine how a particular athlete should train.

According to the report, each person is most likely a specific combination of these three main body types, and that combination contributes to how the body reacts to certain workout regimens.

One combination may favor longer rest periods between training specific muscle groups, while another combination may allow for faster muscle growth as a whole, resulting in rapid improvement.

And while there are many resources to help determine your body type online, experts always recommend consulting with your doctor or a professional trainer before making major changes to your current exercise routine.  

Amazon’s Alexa Moving Toward Home Security Connectivity

Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant can now be used in tandem with a number of digital home security systems, including Amazon’s Ring security doorbell-camera device. Control of Ring and other devices has been integrated as a skill for Alexa to access via a standard internet connection.

The move seems an obvious advance in the direction of a fully connected smarthome technology ecosystem. Despite the increasingly large offering of smarthome products, many of these devices are not currently capable of communicating with each other.

Alexa is also introducing a new feature (currently only offered to select users) that will reportedly allow the device to listen for the sound of glass breaking.

This feature alone would make Alexa, on its own, a bare bones security alarm, although experts have stated that this feature is not sufficient to effectively protect your home. The update, called Alexa Guard, would also not contact the authorities in the case of a potential break-in.

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