What Is Passion And How To Find It

December 27, 2022

Finding your passion is not an easy task. You will find it difficult to identify it unless you do some experimenting. Doing things that make you feel happy, passionate or excited are great ways to test your passions.

You will also need to look at yourself differently when you’re in those moments. When you’ve identified something that makes you feel good, give it a few weeks before you declare it as your new career.

It takes time to know if this is really for you. Also remember that people who don’t like their jobs can’t always relate to your dreams, but they still manage to live a successful life.

Don’t get too focused on just one thing at first, instead try several different things and see what sparks with you.

Look inside yourself

what is passion and how to find it

Finding your passion is not about knowing what you like, it’s being able to recognize what things make you feel passionate.

It’s understanding how emotions affect us, and how we get into ruts in life because of certain feelings.

We can sometimes avoid something we don’t want to do by putting on a fake smile or acting non-chalant, but underneath we are feeling angry, depressed, frustrated or disappointed.

Finding your passion is learning to work through these negative feelings so that you can accomplish your goal.

It’s also realizing that you cannot force yourself to feel something, but you have to be willing to explore what makes you feel passionately.

You will find your passion when you stop looking for it and just let it come to you.

Become a lifelong learner

what is passion and how to find it

Even if you have everything “the job of being an artist is constantly learning”, as artist André Acédès said. Becoming an artist means developing your artistic skills but also moving onto new areas like theory or psychology so that you can better understand what makes artists successful and how to motivate yourself to create.

As we know, having a passion for your career will help you be more motivated and engaged with what you are doing, which will then feed into your art. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t put in the effort necessary to keep improving, which could eventually lead to quitting.

Furthermore, research has shown that people who feel valued and understood on the inside work less quickly than those who feel loved and accepted. So look within and see what things you can do to give yourself some credit for all you have done and continue to do.

Do what you love

what is passion and how to find it

Now that we have an understanding of what passion is, let’s talk about how to find it. First, make sure your life is lived with intention. A life spent without purpose is not worth living.

You will feel more alive when you are doing things you enjoy to the fullest. You will feel happier overall when you are spending time with people who matter to you, and pursuing goals and dreams that bring you joy.

If you want to know if something is your passion, just do it! If you have a dream job, then go after it with all you got. If you are passionate about reading books, then read as many as possible.

Whatever your passion may be, pursue it with unwavering dedication and focus. Don’t half-ass it; whole-ass it.

Find your passion economy

what is passion and how to find it

A few years ago, finding your passion was much more straightforward than it is today. You just needed to find something you were passionate about and work hard to achieve that goal. But these days, finding your passion has become very tricky.

In our society there’s an ever-growing emphasis on achieving goals and escaping “no-win situations” by avoiding things that feel like failures. This makes it harder to identify yourself as someone who are passionately in love with something because you don’t know what would be considered a failure.

The other problem is that we live in a culture where people get paid a lot of money for doing things they have no idea how to do. In this case, even if you found something that made you truly happy, you might not be able to afford to do it!

So how can you figure out if what you want to do – be it studying engineering or journalism, going into business, becoming rich, or anything else - is your true calling? Here are some tips.

Stay positive

what is passion and how to find it

Let’s look at another word for passion — inspired.

The dictionary defines inspiration as “the action or process of giving rise to an idea, feeling, desire, intention, motivation, or something else.” In other words, passion is when you feel motivated to do things because they give you a sense of happiness, excitement, or meaning.

When you are passionate about something, you can’t help but want to be part of it and contribute to it. You feel invested in it, like it belongs to you.

And we all need that kind of connection with what we're investing our time in. Because if there's no one watching us work hard, then why should we?

We'll probably burn out quickly without that little push.

So find your passions, and stick with them. They’ll pull you forward, keep you focused, and inspire you every day.

Journal about it

Finding your passion is like finding a new favorite book you’ve been wanting to read since middle school. You know that for some people, this book just totally resonates with them and they can talk about it all day long!

For other readers, however, it’s hard to find what qualities of the book make it interesting. They may even get frustrated because nothing really stands out to them.

It’s important to realize that not everyone loves the same things as you do. That’s okay! We are all different so we will never be able to tell if something sounds good to you or not unless we have tried it ourselves.

When you find something that makes you feel passionate, try it out! If you already own a copy, see if there is an opportunity to test it out or take advantage of a discount by buying it.

If you don’t have one yet but want to learn more about the item, look up reviews and see if anyone else has studied or used it before. Read enough about it to understand how it works and some of its benefits, but no longer than needed to determine if it sounds worth investing in.

Ask yourself if it’ll really last

what is passion and how to find it

If you can easily say “yes, this will always matter to me,” then probably don't invest in it — at least not very much energy or time.

It's great to want what matters to you. But if it doesn't keep getting done, then it won't make a difference.

What I mean is, once you've invested your money in something that only comes around twice a year, why bother? You'll be wasting your money.

And we're talking about spending lots of money here! So unless the experience gives you more confidence or some other feeling, why spend the money?

I know it sounds crazy but it happens all the time. People buy things like expensive clothes or cars because they think they look good and therefore people will admire them.

Become a millionaire through passion

what is passion and how to find it

Many wealthy people made their fortunes from sources that most of us know about, such as investing or business. But what many don’t realize is that some of the richest people in history didn’t make it rich by doing things that are typically thought of as “work” — they lived an intensely passionate life, spending lots of time working on projects that matter to them.

There’s no guarantee that will be your route to riches, but you can’t ignore the importance of passion when shaping your future. After all, we spend a lot of our time at work (and during weekends and vacations) chasing after something that makes us feel excited and happy.

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