What Is Passion In A Relationship

December 23, 2022

A lot of people say that passion is what keeps you together, but I disagree. Having passion for each other takes work! It requires effort to show and feel love for your significant other.

I’m not saying it isn’t beautiful, but it can become boring if you don’t do things like have sex, go out with friends, or spend time with relatives. If you lose interest in these things, then you will start to feel less passionate about your partner.

This could be due to health issues, life changes, or boredom. No matter the reason, staying passionate depends on them changing or you quitting them.

If one of you doesn’t seem to care much about the other one, then chances are they won’t either. You need to make sure that they like you enough so that they want to keep spending time with you. This article will talk more about ways to find your passion in a relationship.

I’ll also tell you how to hold onto it when you already have it. Try some of these tips and see what works for you and your loved ones.

Why is passion important in a relationship

what is passion in a relationship reddit

When you find something that makes you really, really passionate, it can change your life. It can inspire you to do things you never imagined doing before. And it can help you achieve your dreams or make goals more likely to succeed.

Passion is what keeps us motivated and inspired. Without it, we could easily fall into a habit of going through the motions with no real motivation.

It’s hard to keep investing energy in things that de-incentivize success. For example, if you love working out but your workout routine doesn’t bring much joy, then why would you spend time doing it?

If you are in a job you feel like you have to do instead of one you want to do, then why put effort into it? If your relationships don’t seem like they’re worth the effort, then why invest time in them?

Because when you lose touch with your passions, you start to lose yourself. You become someone else – not a good person, maybe even a bad one.

Your passion for them

what is passion in a relationship reddit

A big part of what makes your relationship work is how much you care about each other. You’ll probably find that most people place more importance on their own personal needs and priorities than they do on those of their partners.

That can be really frustrating for someone who has done everything they could to meet their partner’s needs but feels like no one cares about theirs.

It’s very easy to get distracted from setting aside time for your loved ones when you feel like you’re not getting enough attention yourself. Plus, it can make you feel less connected to your family which may hurt relationships with others that depend on you both being close.

If you want to keep this from happening, you have to make changes to address your emotional needs too.

You should try talking to your partner about these things and see if they’d agree to make similar changes. If they would, great! But even if they wouldn’t, at least you know there’s a possibility of changing things for the better.

Your passion for doing things

what is passion in a relationship reddit

In a relationship, it’s important to know what each other's passions are.

If you both enjoy going to the same places then that is probably not a good thing. If you both like eating meat then maybe don't get into bed after making love because you'll want to eat again!

You need to be able to give your mate space if they don’t feel like cooking or if they just can’t stand vegetables. A couple needs to have fun together so being involved in different activities is a way to fix this.

There will be times when one person doesn’t feel like doing something but still wants to spend time with you. It is your responsibility as a partner to make them feel wanted and loved by showing an interest in their hobbies and spending time with them outside of the bedroom.

Finding your passion in life

what is passion in a relationship reddit

Being passionate is not having an intense feeling about something for only a few minutes a day. It is beyond just liking something, being invested in it, and spending lots of time studying or doing it. Having passion is going deep into something and coming out with more knowledge, understanding, and experience from it.

It is staying interested in this thing for longer than what you initially did. This happens when you feel a strong connection to someone or something that does not go away. You feel connected to it, like it belongs to you, and you want to know more about it.

This can be because of how it works, what effects it has, why people think it is important, etc. If there is something you are curious about, try looking up more information about it.

You could read a short article online, watch a YouTube video, or talk to someone who knows about it.

Communicating your passion

what is passion in a relationship reddit

In my experience, passionate people are very open about their passions. They feel strong emotions for things they love and they express those feelings to other people.

They may even talk about what they’re passionate about more than you would expect from someone who seems like they “have it all together.”

That is not to say that there isn’t any depth to their relationships, but if there was one thing that stood out it was how much energy they had outside of the bedroom.

It’s easy to get distracted by work or family responsibilities so they might spend most of the time with each other in bed where nothing else matters.

Reaching your partner’s passion

what is passion in a relationship reddit

In my experience, most people don’t know what their own passion is. They think they do but really, they don’t. I remember reading an article once about how to make someone else feel passionate about you, and it kind of made me want to pull my hair out.

It was so off-base and not helpful at all! That article told women that if men look and talk like movie stars, then he must be more attractive than him looking like another person with other attributes. If men dress well, then she should treat them with respect because they probably have lots of money.

If men are good listeners, then she should use those skills to inspire awe and admiration. If they are clever or funny, then she should try to match those levels. And if they show strong emotions, then she should imitate these qualities as much as possible.

This doesn’t work for everyone but it does seem to help some people — mostly men.

Being passionate

what is passion in a relationship reddit

In a relationship, passion is not just having fun together. It is wanting to make your partner feel good by doing things they like to do. It is showing interest in their hobbies and asking them about them.

It is telling them how much you admire what they have done and going beyond that to find out more about them.

Having passion in a relationship means being interested in the same things and sharing thoughts about these things.

What are some examples of passions? Doing something you enjoy is a common thing people describe as having passion for it.

For example, someone who enjoys swimming may want to meet up with friends after work to go swiming or play water volleyball. They would be described as having a passion for swimming.

Travelling is another way to know what has passion. Someone who loves travelling can talk at length about places they wanted to visit and why they wanted to go there.

They would be described as having a passion for travel.

The importance of passion

what is passion in a relationship reddit

In a relationship, passion is one of the most important things you will find. Without it, your bond with each other can quickly dwindle. You may feel like you are wasting your time together, or that your partner does not care enough about you to keep spending time with you.

This can be very frustrating – for them as well as you. If they sense that you don’t love them anymore, they might look elsewhere for their happiness. This could hurt you both greatly.

If you no longer feel passionate about your spouse, maybe it's time to consider looking for someone else? Or at least trying to rekindle the flames where they burn right now.

A lack of intimacy is a big red flag when dating, and it doesn’t need to continue being a problem in yours. A lot of times, people get into relationships without realizing how much power sex has over others.

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