What Is The Best Morning Routine For School

March 30, 2021

This could be a super simple morning routine or it can be something that you are very proud of.

For all of you looking for help to get off on the right foot and keep your kids focused, let me give you some tips.

If you have any suggestions for getting the whole family up and moving before the crack of dawn please let us know!

Here are my top tips:

1. Start early

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If you are doing it right you should already be on the bus by 6:40 am and heading to school by 7 am.

School gets out at 2:45 pm and you can be home by 3 pm.

2. Have the same routine every morning

There's nothing more irritating than fighting with your kids over what they want to eat and how they want to do their hair for the day.

Not to mention, I find that being at home without a routine makes it extremely difficult for me to focus and get the work done that I need to do for work.

3. Choose a wake-up song

I am a big fan of switching the radio station when the song begins.

This is something that I do every morning and it keeps me from having to listen to the same songs all of the time.

4. Get dressed in school uniform

If you aren't already doing this, then I highly recommend that you start doing it asap.

It helps keep your kid feeling secure and makes the morning seem a lot more normal.

It's not like the same outfit for every day of the week.

5. Have a well-balanced breakfast

Cereal and toast for breakfast for the whole family would be nice, or even scrambled eggs and toast.

Try having something that everyone can enjoy at different times of the day.

6. Have a strong hair and face routine

Excessive time in the morning with mommy combing your hair into ponytails or even braiding it.

A well-designed hair and makeup routine should be considered before heading out the door.

7. Leave a note of encouragement for your child

If you have left your child a note before, then consider doing the same thing the next morning.

It may only be a few words of encouragement to eat a healthy breakfast.

8. Expect no later than 4:20 pm

child reading book

That's the time that school lets out. It's unrealistic to expect your kid to be able to sit at home all day and concentrate on their schoolwork.

With a plan for when you expect to get home, and by doing some in-school work before you leave, your kid will be on time with their homework and they will be focused on school.

9. Watch the news

I find that watching the news in the morning with the kids helps them get a general idea of what is going on in the world.

I have my children start watching the news when they wake up, and I also put it on the T.V. while I'm working.

It keeps them in touch with what is going on and keeps the news stories at a young age.

10. Make a homework list

Don't expect your kids to do all of their work during the week.

Make a list of everything that they are going to be doing during the week.

It could be schoolwork or homework or even some fun things to do.

11. Exercise

The end of the school year can be incredibly stressful for kids and parents.

It's important to find something that the whole family can do together.

My family likes to have "camp-outs" at the end of the school year so that everyone can get some downtime and feel comfortable.

12. Wake up early to cook breakfast

I find that it's much easier for me to wake up early and go get my work done while everyone is asleep.

When you are awake, you can focus, work, and get everything done that you need to.

It's really easy to fall asleep with the TV on.

13. Keep your child on a schedule

Young child learning in school on her tablet

I find that it's much easier to get my kids up and ready for school on time if I have a schedule for how we are going to do it.

Some days it may be waking up and doing some laundry, while other days it may be something completely different.

14. Be consistent

Having a set schedule for how the kids are going to get ready for school makes it easy to track the time spent getting ready.

15. Have a friendly debate with your child about the election

It's important to let your kids know what is going on in the world and be a good role model for them.

I like to have my kids fight and argue with each other about the election.

It helps get the opinions of both sides of the aisle and to be able to have a discussion with your kids about what is going on in the world.

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