What's Passion In A Relationship

December 27, 2022

When someone asks you about your relationship, what do they want to know? Do they want to hear how well you communicate with each other or that you enjoy spending time together? Perhaps they are more interested in knowing if both of you feel loved and supported.

Whatever question is asked, the best response is always going to be different for every person. No one can tell you what will make them happy because we all have our own definitions of what makes us feel good about ourselves and about life.

What’s important in a partner is dependent on the individual person and their needs at any given moment. We all need different things from our partners and we should not expect our partners to fulfill our needs unless those needs are clearly communicated to them.

It is very easy to think that you know what you want out of a partnership when really, you don’t. You may even believe that you are willing to put in the work but, then again, you may not. It takes two people who are honest with themselves to achieve true intimacy.

Intimacy is just being able to look inside yourself and say “this is me, this is my truth, these are my feelings”. Having intimate relationships is a way to learn about yourself and why you choose to place certain limitations on your life.

There is no wrong way to live your life, only different ways.

They should make you laugh

what's passion in a relationship

A few years ago, I read an interesting article about what makes a relationship work or not. The main thing that made the difference was whether or not your partner made you smile every day.

If they can do that, then chances are good things will go well for you both. Yours will be one of those relationships where you feel like you have never had this much fun before, because you gave each other so much attention.

On the other hand, if they don’t make you laugh often, maybe it’s time to look for something more serious. You deserve better than boring days at home!

I know from experience how important it is to keep each other laughing, and I hope this helpful article has inspired you to do just that.

They should accept you as you are

what's passion in a relationship

In order to know if your partner is passionate about you, look for signs that they show passion for other people, things, or experiences.

If they seem more interested in someone else than you, it may be because they like them more than you.

This could be due to a personal relationship that has matured, or because they have a family they care about, but not you.

However, it’s important to remember that relationships evolve over time!

Relationships take work and there’s no point in getting into one if you feel ignored or unappreciated.

You deserve to be loved and acknowledged just as much as anyone else.

They should be a source of inspiration

what's passion in a relationship

It is your partner's passion that you want to find out more about. You want to know what they love, and how they show this love to you.

This could be through doing things together, talking about things that make them happy, or just being with you when they are not needed anywhere else.

It can also include having sex — if it gives them true happiness then that is okay!

But beyond those components, what makes someone truly passionate is knowing who they are outside of relationships.

They would never tell you that because they don't feel like that sometimes, but looking into their lives before meeting you helps identify that person.

Theirs is a story that has many chapters, and you get to read some of them. But there are no new stories to be found until you ask questions and look past the surface layer.

They should believe in you

what's passion in a relationship

Let me tell you something about passion. It’s not having a good time together. It is being with someone who believes in you and wants to see you succeed even more than you want success for yourself.

It’s investing in you, actively or passively, consistently or sporadically, but always fully. It’s staying up until all hours of the night to help you deal with your career; it’s making lunch dates when your job calls you at 3 p.m.; it’s knowing that whatever bad day you are having, I will be here waiting for you when you feel like coming back.

Passion isn’t just having fun together — it’s creating experiences together so that you can both enjoy them. It’s doing things alone so that you can appreciate what time you spend together.

And it’s leaving this person before they ask you to do anything outside their comfort zone.

Reader, my friend is not passionate about her life. She doesn’t love herself and she won’t ever try to change that because she thinks she shouldn’t need to. And she definitely doesn’t think she deserves better than what she has now!

She feels like she is too ugly to be loved by anyone important, which is very likely why there have been no loving relationships in her life aside from the ones she imagines in her dreams.

They should share your interests

what's passion in a relationship

It is important to show each other that you love spending time together by doing things you like to do. If you want to watch a movie, make some popcorn and get ready!
As much as it sounds cliché, true passion comes from within.

You will not feel passionate about something if you are not feeling it inside. When you are with someone who loves what they do, they enjoy being with you more than anything else because they know you have their back.

They also recognize that you both enjoy doing certain things so they try to include those activities into every day life. This helps create an intimacy of trust and understanding between you.

If there is no consistency in how you spend your free time, it can be hard for them to tell whether or not you are investing in them.

They should share your dreams

what's passion in a relationship

A significant passion of most people’s is to live an orderly, well-ordered life. People who are passionate about other things don’t usually make it as long as those who want to prolong their lives by staying within the confines of what they know.

However, there’s a way to have that same desire for personal organization while also wanting to experience new things. You can be a passionate person who doesn’t necessarily enjoy being with the same person every day.

A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. Most people get married young and stay together until one of them dies. But today, more than ever before, you can remain loyal to yourself and still explore many different possibilities.

If you feel like you need a change, try changing yourself – find a career or lifestyle you love and stick to it. Don’t expect anyone to agree to this, but if you really wanted something, you would be able to convince someone to go along with it.

They should accompany you on adventures

what's passion in a relationship

A passion partner is not someone who does things with you, but instead they are people that make you feel passionate about what you do together.

They will inspire you to be better you. You will admire them for their strengths and motivate yourself to learn more of those strengths.

Your passion partner will bring out the best in you; they will challenge you and push you to achieve your goals.

When you find your passion person, you will know it. It is like knowing something special that makes you happy and gives you joy.

You will look forward to spending time with each other and feeling this strong sense of passion for one another.

It is important to note that while these traits are helpful, they are not enough by themselves.

More than anything, your passion partner needs to accept you for who you are before they can really enjoy being part of your life.

They should support you in times of need

what's passion in a relationship

A passion partner will show their romantic love for you by being there when you want them to, showing interest in things that matter to you, and supporting you in all aspects of your life.

This includes listening to you while you talk about how you are feeling, not just about relationships but also about other topics that you care about.

If you ever feel like talking or crying, they will be willing to do either without asking anything in return. This way, you can be completely open with them without any secrets.

They will strive to make you feel good and loved, always. And if you ask, they will try to give you what they know works for them, even if it is not necessarily the same thing for you.

Their goal isn’t to have an amazing time together, it is to leave you feeling happy and loved. Just because they may not totally understand why you cannot stop thinking about something doesn’t mean that they don’t want to help you work through it.

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