What's Passion In A Relationship

December 5, 2022

When you are looking for passion in your relationship, it is important to know what makes someone passionate about something. You should look into those things that motivate them and see if they are sharing these things with you.

It can be anything from watching sports together to talking about how much they love their spouse or partner to going out with friends after work and having some drinks.

If you notice that they are not as engaged with you then try to determine why this is. Is it because you don't like the movie you watched last week? Or maybe you didn’t make dinner because you were busy at work.

Or could be because they found another person who shares their passions more than you do. It may hurt at first but you need to let go and move on.

Don't take it too hard and start thinking of ways to win back their heart. That will only make it harder when they realize they have made a mistake.

Be consistent with your partner

what's passion in a relationship

Consistency is one of the most important things to look for in a romantic relationship. If you show up consistently, then it shows that you care about them – you value their time enough to make an effort to be with them even when you don’t feel like it.

It also helps your partner know what to expect from you. They will have proof that you will be here for them, which is very reassuring.

If you are both busy, schedule dates frequently so they do not get too much attention to avoid this idea that there isn’t anyone else out there. This sets a precedent and makes coming together easier next time.

A lot of people talk about passion as if it is something outside of yourself, but I believe the opposite is true. It is something within you that you learn to express through relationships.

Your own passions- whether they are artistic, athletic or academic- can be applied to different areas of life, including friendships and work. When you find someone who shares those same passions, you have a basis for understanding each other and creating a strong bond.

Listen to your partner

what's passion in a relationship

A relationship that works is one where both people care about each other, look out for each other, and work together towards a common goal. They feel an emotional bond that goes beyond just friendship.

A lot of relationships start off with lots of passion, but as time passes things change. Sometimes this comes from outside forces (like kids), sometimes it’s because you guys don’t agree on anything anymore, and sometimes it’s just because you got too busy to do something else.

If there are issues in your relationship, try talking them through. Ask questions and get his or her side of the story.

You may find that there’s no big reason why he or she feels like things have gone flat, so trying to come up with some ideas to reignite the fire can help salvage the situation.

There’s not necessarily one thing that will do it, but consistently putting in efforts to connect with each other and be intimate will bring back the flames.

Do not become a workaholic

what's passion in a relationship

Work can play an important part in your life, but it needs to be done with discipline. If you feel that your relationship is suffering because of the amount of time your partner spends working, consider whether this is really what you want for yourself.

You should try to enjoy your career while also making sure that you do not overwork yourself. In fact, having a job that uses creative skills can help keep your personal relationships going as you use different aspects of your personality in each one.

If your partner feels that they cannot spend time away from their workplace, perhaps it is time to look at how much responsibility you ask them to take on in your lives.

Have fun

It is important to enjoy yourself, but there are times when your partner can get annoyed with you. This may be because of something you did or said that they didn't like, it may be due to a behavior pattern that has become annoying, or it may just be their normal self.

The thing about passion is that it is always present, no matter what you're doing or who you're doing it with. If your friend comes along for a drink after work, then yes, it would be okay if she wanted to stay until midnight because she had a lot of work to do. But if she doesn't and go home alone, it could potentially ruin your friendship.

With people, however, this isn't necessarily so. A few drinks won’t hurt her, but if you find that she seems more distant than usual the next day, maybe it’s time to consider how much alcohol was having an effect.

If she tries hard to put up a front and act like everything is fine, it might be worth asking why. You both came together for a reason, and part of that reason should include some sort of pleasant experience. Ask herself if perhaps she needed some time away from you.

It’s not your job to fulfill every desire someone has, even if they say they want to be with you forever.

Do not get too serious

what's passion in a relationship

Finding passion in your life is about finding what you feel passionate about and then living your life around those things. Being passionate about something means you will put some effort into it, but it can be anything from watching sports to investing money in business loans or research and development for gadgets.

It is easy to think that because someone else seems to have found their passion that you should also just stick with it until you find it. But that could easily pass as “passion-killing” for others, and you would both be wrong.

Finding your passions takes work and energy to discover so don't give up! Don't compare yourself to other people's passions either — learn how to enjoy what you love and you'll know success.

If you ever feel like you've lost touch with your own passion, take time out to reflect and see what you're passionate about. You never really lose track of your dreams, you simply make new ones along side old ones.

Do not lose your mind

what's passion in a relationship

We often get into trouble when we limit ourselves to things that matter less to us, or people who do not inspire passion in us. You may have a job you love, but if you are never motivated by it, then quitting is easy!

You must find what inspires you, what gives you joy, and pursue these things with intensity. They should be something that burn out all other options.

This could be through doing them for fun or learning from them, or both. But they need to make you happy like water is air.

If they cannot, then look for alternatives, but only once you've tried everything else has failure been the likely outcome.

Running away will only hurt yourself more in the long run. You will start to feel empty and hopeless, which can be even worse than staying together against your desire.

It takes a lot of strength to stick around after someone breaks your heart, so dont give up until you have tried everything possible to restore their faith in you.

Because at the end of the day, no one but you can change how they feel about you.

Look at your partner as often as possible

what's passion in a relationship

It is important to understand that passion comes from within you. If you want to see it show up in relationships, it must be worked on consistently. When things are not passionate, it can sometimes be because there is a lack of understanding between people.

If you feel like someone does not appreciate you enough or value what you bring to the table, then it is time to look for a place to invest your energy.

Alternatively, if you notice that your significant other seems distracted more than engaged, it may be time to find something else to focus on.

It could be trying new activities, exploring different parts of life together, or even looking into separate jobs or career opportunities.

Whatever changes they suggest, do not get upset unless you really cannot make them work.

Do not get jealous

what's passion in a relationship

As we've discussed, being passionate about something is great and it is totally okay to be inspired by someone or something for some time before you feel them burning that same passion inside of you.

But what happens when they no longer seem to care as much?

It can hurt your feelings and make you wonder whether you had made an impact on them or if they were just putting up a show. This may cause you to lose respect for each other and break down the bond between you.

If this situation has happened several times then it may be time to reevaluate how invested in each other you both want to be. It may be time to work through things together but also separately to see who will win this battle of wills.

By working through issues alone however, you risk losing the person forever.

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