Where Does Passion Come From In A Relationship

December 5, 2022

When you find something that makes you really, truly passionate, it can be tough to work on changing what you love. It takes effort to keep looking for new things to enjoy, to keep exploring and finding new ways to taste your favorite food or watch your favorite movie.

When you are in love, there is a reason why you feel so passionately about everything related to each other. You know when to push aside differences and when to focus on how much you don’t like something together.

But where does this passion come from? Is it born of intimacy, friendship, or both? More than anything, is it just an easy way to put energy into a relationship, or do some people get more passionate than others?

It may sound crazy, but it's totally possible to never feel true passion for someone else. It's even possible to feel no passion at all for certain things that matter to you -- maybe because they've gone beyond their use-by date.

This article will talk about five reasons why it's important to feel passionate about what you're with, and one reason why it might be harder for some people than others.

Cultivate passion

where does passion come from in a relationship

In my experience, passion is not an easy thing to find in a relationship. I have seen it happen once or twice but that’s probably because someone was very passionate about something before they found their person.

For the majority of people, though, it seems like if there ever was a moment when passion manifested itself, it quickly faded away.

This is bad because you will spend your life with this person and you want to feel loved by them, so why would you not keep feeling passionate about things? You both should at least enjoy each other's company!

When I read stories where one person says goodbye to the other due to lack of passion, it breaks my heart. Even more than just being lonely, what hurts most is knowing that you could've helped that person feel happier and even learn how to appreciate themselves more, but you had to walk away.

Follow your instincts

where does passion come from in a relationship

In my experience, passion is not something that happens overnight. It takes work to feel passionate about someone or something for awhile before it comes around. You have to invest time into them, but when it does, you will know it!

A lot of things can get in the way of feeling passionate about someone including money issues, health problems, and/or job changes. No matter what’s going on for you at this stage in your life, remember that passion isn’t dependent on anything other than yourself.

If you want to feel passionate about somebody, you need to be willing to put in the effort to do so. You need to make an effort to talk to her or him, show interest in their hobbies and activities, and try to understand why they like certain things.

It could be because of their parents, school, friends, or workplace, but no matter what it is, you should aim to find out as much as possible. When you do, you'll realize that you're more connected with each other and thus, more likely to feel some sort of connection.

Be consistent

where does passion come from in a relationship

Consistency is one of the biggest killers for passion in any relationship. If you’re not feeling passionate about your partner at this time, chances are you have been together longer than just recently.

That’s totally normal! And it's also something to be grateful for — you both still love each other after all this time!

But if you don’t feel much passion lately then there could be cause for concern. It can sometimes look like things take a while to rekindle that fire, but making changes or shifts for the better takes work.

It doesn't happen overnight.

So, what can we do to help bring back the passion? Here are some tips. Try out these ideas and see how they make you both feel.

Disclaimer: These suggestions may seem simple, but they really do work. In fact, most people who struggle with passion go through a process similar to what you will read here.

Hopefully, reading this article gives you some helpful insights.

Find your partner's passion

where does passion come from in a relationship

In a relationship, passion is what keeps you together. You will burn out quickly if you don’t find it immediately in each other.

Finding passion takes work. It doesn't just happen overnight. But once it does, it changes everything.

You want to be with someone who enjoys doing things you like. Who looks forward to our activities and makes them fun for you. This creates an environment where you feel comfortable sharing more of yourself – and being seen and heard by her is a big part of this.

If she never asks you how your day was or compliments you on something, then you'll lose interest in sharing these things with her.

She must also make efforts to show that she cares about you and wants to spend time with you. She should invite you places and keep in touch after meetings - even if it's only for a few minutes.

Look to improve your relationship

where does passion come from in a relationship

In my experience, passion is always coming from somewhere within you.

It’s not something that happens all of a sudden and it isn’t manufactured by someone or something outside of you.

Most people who say they don’t have any passion for their job doesn’t really care about what they do for a living. They’d probably even argue against having an “important career” because they feel like they’re missing out by not spending most of their time thinking about how to be more productive at work.

I think this illustrates an important point: we’re all motivated by different things, and I doubt anyone ever says, “You know what? I’m going to fake some passion for today so I can get through it.”

If there was one thing that could change someone’s life, I believe it would be changing how they perceive their own potential.

Become a good listener

where does passion come from in a relationship

In addition to being willing to show affection, people who are passionate about something also listen well. You will find that those who are engaged in their passions are very knowledgeable and know it really, truly inside and out.

Those with passion for music, sports or literature are usually hard at work learning more about what they like so that they can keep up with them. It is impossible to be passionate about something if you do not understand it!

Becoming a better listener is one of the best ways to develop your passion in life. By investing time into things you already love, you set yourself up for success in other areas.

Start listening to how-to podcasts or audiobooks related to your favorite subject or hobby. Read some beginner’s guides for it as well. Take notes and discuss what you learned from the book, etc.

This applies to any area of life – not just relationships! Becoming a good listener will boost your confidence and help you connect with others.

Do not take things too seriously

where does passion come from in a relationship

In my opinion, passion is overrated. I feel that people get passionate about something for several reasons: because they believe it will help them succeed, because they want to be like the ones before, and sometimes because you just have to admire someone or what they have done.

All of these are good reasons to become invested in something, but they are not why most people really develop passion.

The true source of passion is when you connect with an idea or person on an internal level. When you give yourself fully to something you love, then your hard work and enthusiasm can both grow. You may even find more of this thing you loved before.

I think there’s also one important reason why people lose interest in things: because they stop expecting new experiences and discoveries every day. If you don’t expect anything beyond a casual stroll in the park at lunch time once a week, you would probably lose interest after the third month.

By setting small goals and achieving them, you create little milestones along the path of life. It's possible to stay interested if you keep doing that.

Have fun

where does passion come from in a relationship

When you are not having fun with someone, it is time to move along. If you feel like your significant other is never really excited about anything, then chances are they do not seem to enjoy being together very much.

It’s hard to maintain an intimate relationship when there isn’t any intimacy. You will have to work extra hard on this if it seems as though their passion has vanished forever.

If you want to keep your bond strong, you must look for ways to rekindle each other's passions. Do things that you both like to do or at least ones that she likes to do!

You can also try doing new things or returning to things you enjoyed before. Perhaps reading a book or movie she has been wanting to watch for a while can get her hot again.

By staying active, you will need to do something together every day which will help promote intimacy. Having some sort of shared activity will strengthen your bond tremendously.

Making love happens sometimes by chance, but true passionate love takes work. It requires effort and consistency, just like most good relationships.

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