Workers Wary of HQ Due to Germ Fears

November 20, 2021

According to recent study, employers that were previously concerned about the danger presented by growing burnout rates and the so-called Great Resignation are now concerned about employees' health and well-being.

According to new worldwide statistics from NTT, just 38% of workers feel their company prioritizes their health and well-being properly. According to a recent UK research by Kastus, a sustainable hygiene developer, three quarters of employees (78 percent) are concerned about the workplace environment. Only 16% of employees who haven't yet returned to work feel completely confident in their health and safety in the workplace. Workers' expectations of their bosses may have risen as a result of the epidemic.

If left unaddressed, these anxieties might swiftly escalate into significant issues for HQ. "94 percent of workers are stressed, and 78 percent say the pandemic has affected their mental health," said Heidi Watson, a registered psychologist. And, according to recent studies from psychologists examining the impact of the epidemic on workers, if physical safety concerns are ignored, especially when returning to work following lockdowns, employees feel detached from their jobs and their performance suffers.

Workers used to be worried about the odd workplace rodent sighting or an annoyingly moldy yoghurt in the fridge, but now hygiene-related safety issues are generating serious worry among employees. The fear of poor hygiene and the potential of exposure to COVID-19, according to the Kastus 'Safe at Work' study, would significantly raise stress levels at work.

And the majority (72 percent) have little faith in their employer's ability to make their workplace COVID-free. Despite the fact that many managers have already implemented several additional safety measures, it seems that there is still a long way to go before the majority of employees are satisfied.

"It's clear from the research that people are still concerned about catching viruses from shared spaces," Darragh O'Connor, VP of Global Marketing at Kastus, stated. Furthermore, they want their companies to demonstrate that they care by investing in the finest available hygienic protection."

Thanks to Scot Devine at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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