World’s Largest Cruise Ship is a Floating Mega-Resort

April 22, 2018

The Royal Caribbean, an international cruise ship company, is turning heads with the release of the Symphony of Seas, the biggest cruise ship ever built. The incredible vessel weighs 228,081 tons and offers more activities and amenities than a standard resort. A capacity of over 6,000 passengers makes this a floating city with a price tag to match. The Royal Caribbean spent $1.35 billion to make this hulking behemoth a reality.

Stretching 362 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 decks tall, the Symphony of the Seas leads the Oasis class ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet as the largest cruise ships in the world. The Oasis class is nearly 30 percent larger than competitors in the category, as Royal Caribbean begins plans to add to the Oasis class in 2021 with an even larger, floating mega-resort.

The Symphony of the Seas has a 2,200 person crew which services their 7 neighborhoods, 19 restaurants, and various activities around the ship. Whether children want to play in the multi-deck waterpark, the parents want to take a stroll through open air gardens and shops, or the whole family wants to see live entertainment, the Royal Caribbean seeks to provide it all.

Accommodations in staterooms range from simple to downright extravagant, the most coveted being the Ultimate Family Suite, called by Royal Caribbean “the most spectacular family suite on land or sea.” The family will be excited to explore the ship but do not need to leave their suite to enjoy a personal movie theatre, lego wall, sprawling balcony with a jacuzzi, and personal service from a butler.

The Symphony of the Seas will be operated in the Mediterranean for the summer before being moved to permanent operations in the Bahamas. The Symphony of the Seas will join the slightly smaller Harmony of the Seas, built by Royal Caribbean 5 years ago as its previous largest vessel.

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