11 Jobs for Laid Back Personalities: Ideas and Suggestions

February 4, 2019


If your current job position causes you a lot of difficulty and stress, you might want to consider jobs for laid back personalities.

While these jobs aren’t perfect and you can still encounter stress and difficulties, they can also bring you lots of joy and a relatively large paycheck. Just choose what you like and give it a try.

1. Librarian

Do you love books? Would you like to work in a calm and peaceful environment? Being a librarian will help you reap the perks of both worlds.

laid back jobs

Even though librarians have a master’s degree in library science, you might find a job in a small library – somewhere in a scenic village, for instance – that doesn’t require a diploma.

Besides earning money, you’ll have an opportunity to explore rare books and read those you’ve always wanted to read – all for free. The average earning is about $28 an hour.

2. Chiropractor

Laid back personalities often choose chiropractic work since they enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and silence, as finding a way to help people become healthier without medications or surgery.

Chiropractors tend to end the day with a positive mindset and a level of satisfaction that many jobs can't even offer. Plus, you can make great money in the process.

According to a report, a chiropractor has an average salary of $146,833, though some chiropractors earn $202,419 or more, considering profit-sharing, commissions, and bonuses.

3. Philosopher

The majority of philosophers work in educational institutions, teaching students.

Jobs for Laid Back Personalities

Some philosophers have a flexible schedule and do certain research, alongside other people who love philosophy.

This job is ideal for laid back personalities and those who enjoy pondering some of the most complex aspects of life. Introverts may enjoy being philosophers much more than their current job.

4. Hairstylist

If you have experience in styling and cutting hair, consider the opportunity to keep doing it professionally.

Many local beauty salons or barbershops often rent out their workstations or chairs to hairstylists. However, you can work from home as well.

You can find clients on social media platforms like Instagram and invite them to your house. The average annual salary is about $23,710, but the total income depends on how many clients you have.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that this occupation will grow by 10% by 2024.

5. Blogger

If you love writing, editing, and publishing processes and you have plenty of ideas in mind, why not set up a website and become a blogger?

Jobs for Laid Back Personalities

Whether you’re going to join a certain editorial team or launch your own small business, blogging can leave you with a six-figure salary once you've established an online presence.

The downside is that it might take a lot of time and effort before your blog will bring you significant income. As you begin to develop sponsorships and sell ads on your blog, blogging might become your primary source of income.

6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

If you’re fascinated by the function of the human body, consider becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer. With a median annual salary of $63,630, this job is exciting, almost stress-free, and life-changing.

The diagnostic medical sonographer has the ability to see through the human body and get astonishing ultrasound images, including 3D images that can help diagnose serious problems.

Most importantly, diagnostic medical sonographers work with a variety of medical cases and thus help many people. The drawback is you’ll need to get a diploma and invest in your education before getting started.

7. Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapists or Speech-Language Pathologists prevent, diagnose, and help to treat various speech disorders.

Jobs for Laid Back Personalities

They also help to improve cognitive communication, social communication, and language skills. Many laid back people choose this job as it’s useful, well-paid, and is believed to grow by 21% by 2024.

You’ll need to achieve a Master's Degree and receive a license to start your practice.

8. Mathematician

With a lucrative median pay of $77,776 to $94,178 per year, mathematicians are incredibly respected and in high demand these days.

A lot of them even work for the federal government and are responsible for developing a stable income and good benefits.

Entrepreneurs often hire mathematicians to help with the analysis of high volumes of data. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for mathematicians will grow by 21% by 2024.

9. Nutritionist

laid back jobs
Another job that laid back personalities will love is the role of nutritionist or dietician. Nowadays, the majority of people are obsessed with healthy eating and improving their well-being in a natural way.

With a host of different diet plans, it’s hard for ordinary people to figure out which meal plan suits them best. This is where a nutritionist can help.

Moreover, a nutritionist helps to prevent any nutrient deficiencies and treat existing ones, as well as aiding in losing or gaining weight.

With a median pay $42,135 per year, nutritionists need to get a Bachelor's Degree or a certificate to prove their professional skillset. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that this job will grow in demand by 16% by 2024.

10. Audiologist

Although this occupation requires an investment in postsecondary education, it’s highly rewarding. Audiologists help people cope with ear problems, including hearing loss.

While this job demands a lot of responsibility, it’s not as stressful as the occupation of surgeon. Plus, it’s well paid with a median pay of up to $60,000 annually.

The demand for this job is expected to increase by 29% by 2024.

11. Computer Programmer

What can be more relaxing than working from home? Computer programmers make great money and they usually work independently.

Jobs for Laid Back Personalities

The main problem with this occupation is that it’s important to love computer programming. Otherwise, this job could end up causing you more stress than your current career.

The average income of a computer programmer is up to $71,000. In today’s technology-driven world, computer programmers are in high demand.


Choosing a job for a laid back person isn't exactly rocket science, especially if you have an idea of who you want to be. Do your research, figure out what you enjoy doing, and head to the interview or start your own business.

It may prove to be difficult at first, but starting your own career centered around a special skill or preference can have serious long-term solutions for your health and happiness.

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